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Content Filtering for Small Businesses Means Safer Customers and Employees

By Shaheen Kazi

Small Business owners rely on Internet but, are well aware of the issues with providing unfiltered access to the Internet to employees and customers. It’s often assumed that advanced web filtering is something that a dedicated IT team would need to provide and would be relegated to enterprises. But, with modern cloud connected devices this […]

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Does your Airbnb have Internet? How Great Guest WiFi Improves Profitability

By Doug Cheung

Whether you’re operating an Airbnb or running a boutique hotel, profitability is everything, and as every host knows, it can be improved or damaged by ratings and reviews. Of course, multiple factors affect the guest experience, and while some are impossible or hard to control — such as the weather or noisy neighbors — kicking […]

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WiFi Instant Captive Portal for Retail, Hotel and Education Use Cases

By sherryzhao

Guests not only want WiFi, but in many cases need it — and expect their host to provide it. A Captive Portal is one the best way to safely and efficiently connect guest devices to your business via WiFi for the last few dozen meters of connectivity in the modern world. In my previous blog, […]

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Wireless Is EdTech’s New Star Pupil

By Doug Cheung

Technology is fundamental to the learning experience while also helping staff perform their jobs efficiently and improving student life. Great education technology (EdTech) depends on great network connectivity to keep information flowing, people communicating, and systems working. The current environment also requires network technology flexible enough to adapt across in-person and online situations, or a […]

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Lending the Helping Hand – NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls™

By Abhay Bhorkar

NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls™ service was named a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the software and mobile apps category. The service helps parents manage their children’s time online across all their connected devices while promoting safe and healthy screen time habits. “The ability to focus is the most critical skill that parents can develop […]

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Network Topology for WiFi and More Launched with NETGEAR Insight Remote Management 6.0

By Bret DeCelle

Wireless connectivity is the lifeblood of business. As your business grows, so do wireless and wired networks, creating complexity for network managers. As SMB networks become more complex, IT pros need the ability to gain immediate, accessible and consumable information on their networks across segments, devices, links and clients. Whether it be an SMB owner, […]

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How 2020 Helped Billions of People Become Tech-savvy – and What to Expect in 2021

By Richard Jonker

Putting aside the negative aspects of 2020 for a moment, business people around the world should congratulate themselves for how many of them have adapted so quickly to new work patterns and environments. In a lot of instances, they also know a lot more about technology, or at least, appreciate how it has helped keep […]

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