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Leading Spine and Leaf Networking for Enterprises

By Laurent Masia

With major increases in data transfers and the need for instant data travel within a network, data centers have been replacing their existing aging three-tier design with what is being referred to as ‘Spine and Leaf’ architecture. This architecture is more adaptable to the continuous changing needs of evolving data centers in the big data […]

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Executive Spotlight – Tamesa Rogers

By Taranom Kazempour

NETGEAR is proud to congratulate Tamesa Rogers, our Senior Vice President of Human Resources, who has been recognized with a Leadership Excellence Award on behalf of the California division of the National Diversity Council. Tamesa has been working as the head of HR at NETGEAR for the past 14 years. In fact, she was hired as […]

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What Do Your Car and Your Data Have in Common?

By Doug Cheung

We are used to protecting the things that are valuable to us, and so we purchase car insurance, health insurance, and even life insurance.  So, why wouldn’t we also put in place a protection plan for valuable business data? Data loss is often unforeseeable and devastatingly damaging to a business, but it is preventable by taking the […]

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Ransomware Protection with ReadyNAS 2304 | Business Break

By Willie Wang

Ransomware can be nasty. Learn how to protect yourself and your data with the ReadyNAS 2304 and the awesome feature Snapshot.    

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More Devices, Slow WiFi? Step up to Wireless AC Technology

By Abhay Bhorkar

Did you know that adding more devices to your network (and yes, that thermostat counts!) slows your WiFi network? The number of IoT devices in the average home is on the rise. There’s no doubt that in present to near future, you will be connecting your security cameras, thermostat, lights, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs and […]

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10 Years in Network Evolution

By Xavier Lleixa Rillo

It was 2007 and we were living in the Fast Ethernet era… Fast forward to 2017, the world and networks have changed significantly over the past 10 years. As it is always a good idea to have a look into our recent past to better understand where we are and where we may be going […]

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Cloud Backup with ReadyNAS | Business Break

By Willie Wang

Cloud Backup is a very useful feature to keep your data safe and secure!  In this week’s Business Break, check out our short demo with the ReadyNAS 422.

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