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Tips for Building a Powerful DIY Home Office Network

By Bret DeCelle

Your Whole Home Is Your Home Office Productivity is priority number one for a home office, and being productive means having powerful, secure wired and wireless Internet connections for all devices, from anywhere in your home. There are multiple approaches to doing this, and determining solutions that make sense depend greatly on your home and […]

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What does WiFi 6e mean for my daughter’s generation?

By Abhay Bhorkar

Wi-Fi 6E has dawned! Yesterday’s announcement, marks a momentous occasion where FCC has agreed to open up an additional 1.2GHz of Spectrum to use for unlicensed like WiFi. The Wi-Fi Alliance and industry has called it Wi-Fi 6E – E for Extended. Some reports suggest that it could add as much as $180 billions to […]

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Cloud Network Management Is Now

By Shaheen Kazi

The Cloud has Completely Changed Business The way business is conducted is completely changing thanks to cloud-based services. A cloud-based approach can fundamentally change the way services function. Faster set-up, updates and control, remote maintenance and upgrades, easier scalability and change, and cost savings through reduced capital outlay are all benefits that can be realized […]

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Using LTE as a Primary Internet Source

By Dustin Villaruz

Are Your Wired Broadband Options Slow or Unreliable? While the vast majority of people rely on wired internet such as cable, DSL, or fiber as their primary source of connectivity, others may have reason to explore other options. In areas that are far removed from central, more populated locations, wired broadband can be slow, spotty, […]

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Tips to Improve WiFi Connectivity While Working From Home

By Dustin Villaruz

By now, you may be better adjusted to working and learning from home, developing a routine that helps maximize productivity, or finding a workspace that allows you to comfortably work or learn with minimal distractions. While your network seems fine, there may be times throughout the day where your WiFi performance is less than ideal, […]

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Using Smart Parental Controls To Teach Attention Control and Manage Focus

By Sandeep Harpalani

A US teenager spends on an average 9 hours per day consuming entertainment media. We live in a world full of distractions from the pings and dings from all our favorite gadgets. The ability to control your attention and manage your focus is a key skill that we can teach our kids. Recently, NETGEAR welcomed […]

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Introducing “NETGEAR @ Home”

By Dustin Villaruz

With restricted living a reality for most people, NETGEAR is here to help ensure you’re able to stay connected with the outside world. With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce our new NETGEAR @ Home content series. With this series we’re introducing a number of events geared toward helping to ensure your home network […]

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