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Throughout holiday seasons, amidst all the sales and shopping and celebrating, it is often the hard truth that there may be an extra layer of security needed.  Parking lots require more patrolling, purses require more monitoring, and homes require more securing.  You know that you’re making more purchases, and everyone else knows it too.

We received the following email over the holidays from an Arlo customer (who wished to keep her name anonymous) that we felt hit close to home, and we wished to share her story as a reminder that it is possible to arm yourself against future property crime, especially through the power of Arlo.

“Recently, I became a victim of a crime.  My home is set on nearly 2 acres, off of a main road in an otherwise quiet Connecticut town.  On a Tuesday afternoon, an inconsiderate criminal came to my home, and stole my Christmas gifts, which had been delivered earlier in the day by the USPS, right off my porch.  How do I know this?  I was at work and received a notification from my Arlo security system which said “motion detected driveway”.  I immediately pulled up the feed and sat in shock as I watched a live feed of this man exit his vehicle, take two of my packages, get back in his vehicle, and pull out of my driveway.  I promptly notified the appropriate police agency that a crime had just occurred at my residence.

Because of how user friendly the Arlo app is, I was able to send the responding officer the video and still photos of the man.  The quality was impeccable and the agency was able to post the video to their social media site.  Within 20 minutes, there was an ID on the  man and within 2.5 hours he was located and taken into custody.  He confessed after seeing the camera footage.  It was later determined that he had stolen several times that same day from other locations in surrounding communities.

I am a Police Officer, and I was the victim of this crime.

Over the years, I have responded to numerous burglaries and larcenies to homes.   One thing is always common with victims of these crimes; an intrusion into your personal space shatters your sense of comfort, privacy, and security.  Responding to these situations when homeowners have taken precautions to protect their homes with camera systems such as Arlo, increases the solvability factor immensely.  Camera footage is the best evidence one can have in catching a criminal and getting a conviction in court.  Home surveillance systems can make you a “first responder” and give you the opportunity to have a proactive approach to the safety of your home.

My message to all homeowners:  protect your homes, protect your property, and protect your peace of mind — purchase an Arlo Camera System.”

Christopher Kidd

Community Development Marketing Manager

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