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Setting up a new WiFi system to get phenomenal WiFi coverage throughout your home can certainly be simple, but choosing one WiFi system from all the different ones available on the market can be tough.  So how can you decide which one is the best for you?  First, we think you can start by asking the question of which of the following features would be at the top of your list?

  • Ease of setup and management
  • Reliable WiFi coverage everywhere in your home and yard
  • Faster, high-performance WiFi for ALL your devices

If you chose all of the above, then you’ve just made a choice for one WiFi system that is way ahead of the others, and we can prove it.

Built on years of NETGEAR wireless experience and internal real world testing, the Orbi WiFi System, with its patented Tri-band WiFi and Fastlane 3 technology, offers the easiest way to get high-performance WiFi throughout your home.  The Orbi WiFi System not only offers ease of setup, but it also delivers the best throughput performance and connectivity options as compared to other mesh WiFi systems in the market.

To validate what we’ve already seen on how much better each Orbi WiFi system performs versus the mesh competition, we called upon the same third party test house that Google used for their own head-to-head tests (see: Putting Google Wifi to the Test), although Google failed to include Orbi in their testing.

We compared all three of our Orbi 2-kit WiFi Systems and performance tested them against Google Wifi’s kit of 3, noting speed and coverage.

All tests were done by Allion USA, in the same test environment of a 3,000 square foot two-level brick house, with 2 nodes for NETGEAR Orbi (one Orbi router and just one Orbi satellite) and 3 nodes for Google Wifi, at various locations, with a MacBook Air (2×2 – 11a/b/g/n/ac STA).  All test results shown are the average value of 120 measurements from each test location in megabits-per-second (Mbps) download speed.

So, what were Allion’s test results?

Allion found that Orbi WiFi Systems RBK30, RBK40 and RBK50 were approximately 100% faster than Google WiFi.

More specifically, the network performance tests showed that at mid-range distance, the RBK30 did exactly 141% better than Google Wifi in download speeds. The RBK40 did 84% better in download speeds than Google Wifi, and our RBK50 did a whopping 161% better in download than Google WiFi.

It is evident from these results that the Orbi systems significantly outclassed Google Wifi.  With just one satellite, Orbi WiFi systems delivered faster, higher-performance WiFi with reliable coverage in the simplest way.

Our ground breaking Orbi WiFi Systems, with their unique Tri-band WiFi architecture and FastLane3 Technology, have been tested over and over vs. other WiFi systems, and have consistently come out on top for performance. Since the family of Orbi Tri-band WiFi systems are designed for a broad range of home environments, we are confident that there’s an Orbi Home WiFi System that’s just perfect for your home.

So if your home’s WiFi is in need of an upgrade, why settle for less, when you can enjoy the best?  Find out where you can get one for yourself here.

Test performed by Allion USA with an Apple MacBook Air.  Individual results may vary depending on home layout, construction, network client, and interference.  MacBook Air is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. 

Phil Pyo

Senior Director, Product Marketing

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