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There is an increasing demand for better, faster, and more stable WiFi networks, especially now that we are working from home en masse. As a leader in this field, NETGEAR knows WiFi 6 is one of the answers. But there are more pieces to the puzzle.

How Is the Importance of WiFi Increasing Rapidly?

In recent years, WiFi has actually become the most important carrier of your electronic communication. Most people use the internet continuously via WiFi, not just on their laptops but also on their phones or desk PCs. This is fundamentally different from trends from a few years ago. Many more devices, often located in small spaces and interfering with one another, are fighting for attention from WiFi routers or access points.

Are There More Networking Trends?

More and more is expected from WiFi. The bandwidth we use has increased a lot, due not only to video streaming but also the large number of cloud applications we use on several devices that continuously send and receive data.

Moreover, WiFi has become an absolute necessity, much like utilities including gas, water, and electricity. Take apartment living, for example: tenants expect WiFi because they treat it as essential.

Network security is also becoming more important. You do not want just anyone to access your WiFi and connected devices. A better quality of WiFi is necessary for making higher stability, security, bandwidth, and density of connected devices possible, even in a limited space.

WiFi 6

WiFi 6, or IEEE 802.11ax, which has been rolled out since last year, is a solution to those challenges. It is not without reason that NETGEAR has a very broad WiFi 6 portfolio. But we also know solely upgrading to WiFi 6 is certainly not the full answer. WiFi 6 makes record speeds possible. You can pump it up to 10Gbps or more. But although the WiFi can be very fast, if your router or other devices in your network cannot support this speed, WiFi 6 will ultimately be of little use.

At NETGEAR, we specialize in solving problems by combining different technologies. We use MultiGig speed for our latest access points, which means that the Ethernet ports support 2.5x higher speeds, and thus increase the total throughput if you connect them to a Multi-Gig Ethernet switch.

WiFi 6 also makes it possible to improve security. Most WiFi networks now use security with the common connection standard WPA2. WPA3 is an improvement from that standard. Long story, but basically WPA3-Personal uses a 128-bit encryption key, while WPA3-Enterprise uses a 192-bit encryption key.

Here at NETGEAR, we offer even more, including the possibility to separate traffic at home with multiple WiFi networks (SSIDs) between the private network and the network you want to use for business. Those who are logged into the private network, for example, cannot see the traffic on the business network.

The demand for new WiFi products is now stronger than ever since many of us are forced to work from home. Video calls sometimes get stuck due to WiFi buffering, and participants may not realize their audio has become choppy. This can lead to communication issues and frustration. As a result, the demand for better WiFi is growing.

Our sales figures, especially for WiFi 6 products, have gone through the roof for the past months. This originated with consumers working from home, but demand now also comes from small and medium-sized companies. NETGEAR is a worldwide leader in the development of WiFi 6 products, with a more diverse portfolio of WiFi 6 products than all of those of its competitors combined, covering all kinds of performance and price ranges. NETGEAR also has a pipeline with additional innovations.


The fact remains that there are all kinds of things that can cause WiFi to not work properly, even with WiFi 6. For example, if you are close to a microwave that is being used or there is a large fish tank between you and your router, signals may be disturbed.

The Big Picture

At NETGEAR, we believe in more than just selling WiFi 6 products. We are always looking for ways to add ease of use to our product offerings. How can you make better use of product features? Are the settings correct? In addition, we look beyond just the router or access points and also look at ethernet switches, the cabling, and the speed of your modem in conjunction with your router. After all, if you only install a new tap in the bathroom, the water will not always flow faster immediately. We are very good at looking at the big picture, together with our partners in both our consumer and business networks in companies, schools, malls, venues, and so on.

NETGEAR’s Business Model: Help Businesses Improve Their Network Tech with Local Partners

Our business customers and reseller partners know that the transition to WiFi 6 will not happen immediately. NETGEAR helps its partners to move their customers over in phases. This is possible because the entire platform of WiFi 6 access points also works just fine in an environment where our WiFi 5 access points are already doing the work. In this way, resellers help transition end users much more easily while preparing them for the future.

Much has changed for our resellers since this spring. We have seen some of them struggle in recent years to change their business models to focus more on services. They are used to solving network problems on-location and configuring devices on-site. This all came to an abrupt stop in March. More and more partners have, therefore, made the move to cloud-managed environments. What they roll out, including WiFi 6, can then be managed in our Insight Pro cloud platform. They can manage and configure office networks remotely and simply send a switch or access point if it needs to be added or replaced. We strongly believe in that model and help partners from A to Z to take that step.

Home Network Like a Pro

The work-from-home trend also means that NETGEAR’s resellers are increasingly dealing with home networks. It is becoming fairly common for resellers to manage multiple home networks in addition to one office network. Home business networks must also be secure because office networks have suddenly been expanded to every employee’s living room. Our platforms and hardware are more than ready for that. By cleverly combining products such as our Orbi Pro router, other hardware, and, of course, cloud management software, resellers can service, optimize, and monitor home networks directly. Our small business-focused portfolio makes us the perfect partner for this. Resellers seeking help can contact our specialists.

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