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Managing your network doesn’t have to be hard, and we can prove it to you. NETGEAR would like to provide you with some insight on our new Insight app and how it has been designed to tackle the challenges that small businesses face.

The Insight mobile app was created specifically with small businesses in mind.  It looks to address your employees’ needs and your customers’ demands, but it also takes a closer look at business restraints. Just like larger businesses, small businesses need fast and reliable WiFi that works at any time. WiFi access, network segmentation for security, storage and data privacy, and so much more, is a requirement. In this day and age, WiFi is absolutely essential to keep up with the rapidly changing world.

Many small businesses, especially while in startup or growth mode, don’t necessarily have the adequate resources to hire someone to manage their IT infrastructure. With these resource restraints, it often falls upon the owner to make sure their network is running smoothly – along with every other aspect of the business. Adding managing WiFi to the existing responsibilities of client acquisition, finance management, and day-to-day demands, and the owner of a small business often has way too much on their plate.

That’s where Insight comes in. IT can be difficult and time consuming, but NETGEAR has designed an app that is straightforward and simple to use.  The Insight app provides not only ease of access to your network from any remote location, but also simplified device discovery and setup, warnings, notifications, and status checks. You are constantly on the move, checking out new items to add to your inventory, researching new advertisement techniques, etc., and you aren’t always in the office to check up on the WiFi.  Insight enables you to always be in control of your network, regardless of where you are and what time it is.

Small business is already a challenge, but you can ensure that your WiFi network and secure network connectivity is a breeze.

With Insight, it’s your Network. Anytime. Anywhere.

Shaheen Kazi

Sr. PLM, Insight

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