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It’s not every day that you get to watch someone you think is attempting to break and enter into your home.  But that’s exactly what happened to Brandon Sebastian.

Sebastian and his roommate had recently set up their new Arlo Pro security camera to watch over the front entrance of their Columbus Ohio home. While he was out getting a bite to eat one day, Sebastian received a notification on his phone that there was activity on his porch. When he logged onto his Arlo app to check the recording, he noticed there was a man at his door.  Sebastian switched to the live stream and watched this stranger behave suspiciously as if he was trying to gain entrance into the home.  Sebastian immediately reported it to 9-1-1, and continued to watch the video as Columbus police quickly arrived, and led the man away in handcuffs.

Sebastian posted the video on his Facebook account, which soon went viral and received almost 2000 shares.  “I honestly believe this video became so popular was because there’s been a lot of negativity surrounding police departments with the controversies that are going on within the last months… it’s a nice change to see something positive, such as the cops responding so quickly and assisting to make sure the break-in never fully occurred… everyone loves a happy ending, and with our story the good guys won.”

Sebastian is glad he was able to keep “watch” over his property even though he was away, and NETGEAR has donated some extra cameras and accessories to help him monitor the rest of his home.  You never really know what you’re going to catch on Arlo!




Christopher Kidd

Community Development Marketing Manager

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