We are used to protecting the things that are valuable to us, and so we purchase car insurance, health insurance, and even life insurance.  So, why wouldn’t we also put in place a protection plan for valuable business data?

Data loss is often unforeseeable and devastatingly damaging to a business, but it is preventable by taking the right measures. NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS is a network attached storage appliance that will allow you to rest at ease knowing your data is secure and in good hands.

Imagine you run a major health center and the database you manage, which includes the records of clients and of company logistics vendors, experiences a major shutdown. All the data stored on your computer has been erased, leaving you without your appointment log, patient history and other important files.  Or, perhaps you are a professional photographer who uses an external drive and it is accidentally wiped out because of reformatting.  You have now lost thousands of photos from a recent wedding assignment that you were hired to shoot.

Only recently, hundreds of thousands of people were hit by ransomware attacks by viruses with names like ‘WannaCry’.  The hackers who make these viruses assume they encrypt the only copy of your data, and try to force you to pay them to unlock it (which will never happen). If you already had several safe copies of your data at hand, you would not even consider paying these criminals.

There are many scenarios, including physical damage, hacking, natural disaster, and malware, in which data can be lost.  You may believe that you are well equipped when you back your data up with external drives and tape backups, but these forms of backup are easily damaged by external forces and you are constantly forced to manually update all the data.  External drives lack centralization and make it difficult to share files with everyone who needs access, while tape backups are prone to long delays between backups.


But what about cloud backup? Cloud backup is another option, which requires broadband internet connection to access and even backup your data. While it is another option, cloud backup alone is not enough to secure your data.

With ReadyNAS, your data is protected with a hybrid backup process that gives you three options to make sure your business has its data protected and insured. These three options are: a centralized computer backup to ReadyNAS, disaster recovery with ReadyDR, and a cloud backup that is compatible with Amazon, Google Drive and Dropbox.

These options work together to give you the confidence to know that your data is backed up and, ultimately, protected. The centralized computer backup works with the ReadyCLOUD PC/Mac application to backup your data to the ReadyNAS with hourly snapshots, making sure your data is up to date and being constantly saved. It is easily accessible and, most of all, it is easy to restore data fast, in case of loss or corruption.

One more thing. Our enterprise grade disaster recovery has been added – for free.  ReadyDR is the capability to backup from one ReadyNAS to another ReadyNAS at a different location without additional costs, lending to its abilities to recover files after a possible disaster.  And, with Backup to the Cloud, ReadyNAS can sync your data to a public Cloud of your choice, giving you another option to keep your data backed up.

Data is at the core of your business. Today, backup is not a luxury but a necessity. Make ReadyNAS the bedrock of your IT operation, and you can help prevent data loss and insure business continuity, under any circumstance.

Your data. Your business. Protected.

Doug Cheung
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