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At IT Central Station, we spend our time reaching out to our community to learn what they really think about the enterprise technology solutions they use. Over the past few months we have collected a number of NETGEAR Ethernet Switches reviews on our platform, in which our community has shared with us their personal experiences with this top ranked enterprise Ethernet Switch.

As the leading site for enterprise technology review, our team works with companies like NETGEAR to gather feedback from users who are happy to share with us their opinions all across the board. Dubbed as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we at IT Central Station have created a triple-authentication process to ensure that our product reviews only come from trusted users without vendor bias.

As we collected these reviews, we discovered that many of NETGEAR Ethernet Switches’ users providing reviews highlighted similar features that contributed to their positive experiences with this solution. In this post, we highlight three of the most prevalent themes that has come up among NETGEAR Ethernet Switches’ users.

Great choice for SMBs

Our users agree that NETGEAR Ethernet Switches is easy to use for SMBs:

“For the enterprise-level solution, it’s for small to medium businesses. I’m quoting NETGEAR to pretty much everyone, instead of any other type of switch…Previous solutions were all over the place. I’ve always liked NETGEAR, I’ve always liked their price point. I’ve used them pretty much everywhere that I can.” – Jess H., Senior System Administrator

“I don’t think you need to be an IT expert to use the Insight Cloud Portal switches. It’s really straightforward. They have a lot of warnings if you do something you’re not supposed to, like set up a networking loop. That makes it really great for people who aren’t familiar with how to support networks… This is really user-friendly for people new to networking or for small businesses that are trying to support themselves and that don’t have internal IT. I think this would be really easy for them to use.” – Kiersten S., VP, Accounting and HR at Parrish Consulting

Remote Management

Another major theme that comes up in NETGEAR Ethernet Switches’ reviews on IT Central Station is the seamless way it helps simplify remote management:

“The remote management has been awesome. With the old-school style of switches, you actually had to be on the LAN, plug into it – you could get in remotely but you had to go through a computer and have other trickery to get in. With this, you literally just log in to a website, see all your clients, all your NETGEAR switches, and you can manage them all right there: the VLANs, powering on and off individual ports, rebooting the whole device, the firmware updates.” – Jaret C., Owner at Alpha Tech

“The remote management tools are fantastic. The combination of the webpage as well as the app makes life so much easier. I don’t need to go and visit sites to do upgrades or any sorts of changes. The firmware can all be deployed remotely. I can see the traffic on each of the switch ports remotely as well, so I can see if we’ve got problems, down to an individual port. It’s very granular.” – Keith H., Independent Consultant at a tech company


NETGEAR Ethernet Switches’ scalability is another prominent attribute that comes up frequently with our users:

“In the size of environments I’ve worked with, it’s been working great. For example, I had one where, in some parts of the building they’ve got some of the 8-ports, and in other locations, they’ve got the 24-ports and 48-ports. The product line is there. I’ve interconnected them using the 10-gig cross-connects for the 24s and 48s. It’s the 24- and 48-port models that have a 10-gig SPF connection option. That’s really nice because you get high performance between devices.” – James M., President at a tech services company

“They have a very scalable product line. They offer quite the range of networking devices and equipment. Between their switches, their access points, and their firewalls, they’ve got a veritable range within each of those product categories that can meet my needs and, I would assume, the needs of our customers, anywhere from enterprise level down to the mom and pop shop.” – CTO at a tech services company

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Zisse Hanfling-Mueller

Marketing Operations Specialist – IT Central Station

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