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How smart is your home? In 2017, about 10.2% of US households actively run smart home devices, according to Statistica Inc., and over 60 million Americans will use a virtual voice assistant at least once a month, according to research firm eMarketer.

Home WiFi networking is of obvious importance, and at NETGEAR, we aim to make it as simple a process as possible for you.  With voice control assistants now interacting with most devices in your smart home, there’s no reason why the hub of the smart home, your router, should not be a part of the conversation. You now have the ability to conveniently control your NETGEAR routers using the Google Assistant on your Google Home or supported Android devices (see list of supported NETGEAR routers here), and the Google Assistant app is also available on Apple iOS.

Watch this video to learn how to enable NETGEAR actions on the Google Assistant.

Ok Google, turn on my guest network.

Having friends and family visiting your home this weekend? With a simple voice command, you can enable and disable the guest network on your NETGEAR routers and coming soon to our Orbi WiFi Systems.  See our support article to view the list of supported voice commands.

What’s Your WiFi password? Don’t search, just ask.

 When you enable your NETGEAR router to work with the Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to configure your router’s settings. Security is not a concern since the Google Assistant is able to recognize users and only follows commands from those authorized. So, if you don’t remember your WiFi password, or your guest WiFi password, you can just ask the Google Assistant, and that information will be securely sent to you on your mobile device.

Stay tuned as more capabilities are on the way. And since your smart home devices or appliances are connected to your home network, the possibilities of what you can control with your router are limitless!

Abhay Bhorkar

Director, Product Management

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