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Technology engineers first introduced Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology in 2003 as a clever way to push a little bit of electrical power through new and existing Ethernet cabling. Devices supporting PoE launched in parallel since it was an incredibly handy way to simultaneously power and transfer data to devices. Version 1 of PoE was capable of delivering about 15 Watts of power to low-powered tech such as early 802.11g WiFi Access points, simple VoIP phones, and a few other PDs (Ethernet powered devices). It quickly caught on, and NETGEAR was one of the hardware manufacturers at the forefront of delivering PoE switches to customers. It wasn’t long until PD and IT tech called for more power to enable next-generation technology; hence, in 2009, PoE+ was delivered supplying about 30 watts to even more powerful devices. Now, the industry is calling for even more power via Ethernet!

PoE++ Delivering Up to 60W and Beyond

With IoT (Internet of Things) continuously introducing wired devices for smart home and smart building automation systems, a standard is needed to support those devices that require greater power, more power than the PoE+ 802.3at standard can support.

Introducing the PoE++ standard, (technically designated IEEE 802.3bt) capable of supplying approximately 60 watts per device per port via standard Ethernet cabling. NETGEAR is once again at the forefront of this transition, delivering two new PoE++ capable unmanaged switches featuring the Ultra60 PoE++ with 60W technology.

Why offer Unmanaged PoE++?

NETGEAR understands that IT managers need to balance ease of deployment, costs, security, and device capabilities. Unmanaged switches are a convenient way to add ports to your network. Unmanaged switches expand network coverage and add capabilities, and they are plug-and-play and maintenance-free.

Instantly Deploy 16-24 Unmanaged Ports of PoE++ with GS516UP and GS524UP

NETGEAR introduces the first Unmanaged PoE++ switch with Ultra60 60W PoE++ technology with two new 16-Port ( GS516UP PoE++ ) and 24-port ( GS524UP PoE++ ) Unmanaged Switches. These switches are ideal for powerful PoE++ installations, with PoE budgets up to 380W and 480W. These PoE++ switches have a compact size, flexible form-factor, small case with internal power supply and whisper-quiet fans, and are perfect for desktop or rackmount deployments. In addition, they have plug-and-play installation and sport reliable performance at affordable prices. NETGEAR PoE++ switches feature industry standardized IEEE 802.3bt. Even if you’re not ready to deploy 60W devices, these switches will automatically standardize to the PoE level needed for the connected PD. (Need Managed PoE++?)

In addition, the GS516UP/GS524UP has a unique PoE Mode Selector which enables pre-802.3bt compatibility for pre-bt devices that were created before 802.3bt Standard was ratified.

“Watt” can you do with 60 Watts?

What kind of devices need more than 30 Watts delivered via NETGEAR Ultra60 PoE++? We list just a few examples from this ever-growing category below.

  • Powered AX Access Points – Next-Gen WiFi 6 is here, but to reach top performance, it demands higher delivered power.
  • Powered ProAV Endpoints – These clever RX/TX devices power video walls and professional video installations. These include PoE++ Powered professional audio speakers.
  • Powered Computers/Laptops – Certain computers and laptops need to be supplied with over 30W.
  • Powered Embedded Systems – These include PoS in retail and other small computers, monitors, and sensors usually used in manufacturing.
  • Powered Networking Powered Switches / Routers / Access points – Expanding network coverage is easier when there are future failure points and no additional expensive AC power outlets need to be deployed.
  • PoE++ Powered Energy-efficient LED Lighting – The DC power and networking capabilities are critical to next-generation LED lighting deployments for buildings and homes.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom security and 4K / 8K IP cameras – The increased capabilities of modern video infrastructure call for more power delivered to PDs.

The time for Ultra60 PoE++ is Now

We’re very excited about the future of PoE++, but we know without a doubt that PD manufacturers will continue to need even more power. The PoE++ specification allows for up to 60W of delivered power per port, but rest assured NETGEAR will be there to deliver maximum power and convenient connectivity when solutions require it.

Do you have a solution that needs PoE++ capable switches? Reach out to our team of experts.

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