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The lines of connectivity between work, home and school aren’t just blurring but disappearing.
In today’s modern world, the expectation is that connectivity needs to be seamless, no matter the challenges and obstacles that are in place. Listen, as we explore how NETGEAR is delivering flexibility and continuity whilst also meeting the ever-changing demands of offices, schools and homes for reliable and always-on connectivity.

In Episode 7 of the Switched On Thinking Podcast, host Neil C Hughes is joined by NETGEAR’s Marketing Manager, EMEA, Gary Newson and Ollie Randall, Regional Director for NETGEAR UK, as they discuss:

  • How to keep up with the changing demands of the Small Business Network
  • Why the lines between the school, work office and home aren’t just blurring but disappearing
  • The biggest technological changes of the past two decades
  • The Increased Pace of the Digital Transformation
  • And why Wireless Networks are the unsung heroes that make remote working possible

Reliability Is Now Where Wireless Is Making Its Name

As Ollie Randall explains during the show, “Connectivity is critical,” when it comes to business continuity.
In a world that is ever-evolving, the demands on staying connected to customers and staff is a goal that is always moving, so making sure your business is keeping up with those demands is a constant challenge.

“There’s such a higher demand on constant and reliable connections that you can ill afford anything to drop off and not work”

Ollie expresses that,

“… it has to be reliable and it has to be constant, otherwise wireless doesn’t and wouldn’t have a future. And I think wireless Is going to continue to grow and continue to offer the flexibility for customers to grow in accordance with their business.”

Delivering Flexibility and Continuity to both Homes and Businesses

Those changing demands for small businesses means that they need a provider that is best placed to help them stay connected, as Gary Newson explains, NETGEAR is at the forefront of helping both businesses and consumers,

“We aim to provide people with the best possible connection to the internet they possibly can get, whether that is for a consumer purpose or whether that’s for a business purpose, that is the ultimate outcome of what we’re trying to achieve at NETGEAR.”

Episode 7 explores all of this and much more, touching on remote learning, how businesses who previously didn’t require a consistent connection like personal trainers are now understanding its value and why the landscape of how we work for the rest of the year and beyond will consistently change.

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