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Home WiFi has gone through quite a journey, and it’s going through another transformation with the mass introduction of WiFi systems.

Distributed WiFi systems vary with each provider, but do have a number of things in common that qualify them as a system, such as: a single WiFi network name, or SSID, for your entire area of coverage and more than one wireless access point, meaning a satellite or node, for the router, in order to extend the range of the coverage throughout the home.

NETGEAR’s Orbi is unique in that it’s the first WiFi system that has a dedicated wireless “pipeline” between the router and the satellite, making sure there’s no traffic congestion on the network, and allowing households to enjoy buffer-free high-speed WiFi, even if they are streaming multiple 4k videos or playing multi-player games.  The benefit of the dedicated pipeline from the Orbi router to the satellite is that it brings fast internet speeds from the cable modem, which is typically at the edge of your house, to the satellite, which can be placed either in the middle of your home, or near where you want fast internet, like in a game room or in a media room, where your new ultra HD TVs are.

Other WiFi systems, while they do often ensure your WiFi will extend to all corners of your home, do so at the expense of speed or performance, because the traffic has to go through the same two radios, which have to share time between talking to one another and to your devices.  This problem gets exponentially worse when there are many devices connected online at the same time.

So, for example, if you’re watching Netflix while your kids are streaming YouTube videos and your spouse is downloading some 4K drone footage they shot, nobody is going to be too happy.  Buffering and lagging will occur with traditional mesh systems, unless they have a dedicated Tri-band connection backhaul like Orbi does.

NETGEAR has been in this networking field for 20 years, and that’s why our engineers knew that this dedicated invisible wire between the router and satellite would be the key to ensuring high speed WiFi.  So when you want to experience the high speed internet you are paying your internet service provider for, leave the expertise to NETGEAR.

Amit Rele

Product Manager, Orbi

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    The beauty of a tri-band router is that you can manually apportion bandwidth among its channels, keeping older devices from slowing down newer ones.

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