When you run a small business, you know that having a good wireless network is no longer a bonus; it is now key.

But why is a stronger WiFi network even necessary? What is the reason your SMB WiFi needs are increasing year over year?  We have listed our Top 10 Wireless Drivers below:


1)  Device Proliferation

In 2016, shipments of WiFi-enabled devices reached 2.4 billion units globally.

Today, there are about 10 billion WiFi connected devices running, and that number is expected to increase to 50 billion by 2020.

More than 67% of employees use their own devices while at work.

With all of these extra devices online, there are more connections on your WiFi network, requiring WiFi technology that can handle more simultaneous connections & higher coverage

2) Security Requirements

It is critical for your data security to have full traffic separation between guest and internal WiFi SSID’s.  This full traffic separation through VLAN’s is available with our new generation of WiFi Access Points.


3) Increased Streaming & Growing File Sizes

File sizes have steadily grown from KB to MB and now even GB.  What used to be small video files are now often in 4K, 3D, CAT files, large H264 video files, and larger PowerPoint presentations.

Businesses also now often use video conferencing and video streaming daily over a WiFi connection at work.

Larger files mean more traffic that can only be handled by high-performance wireless AC Access Points, such as the NETGEAR WiFi line up. (See below for a link to our product line up).

4) Mobility & Collaboration

It’s a competitive market, and therefore, there is a growing need for constant productivity.  Employees need to collaborate from anywhere, and need access to file sharing and faster data access, from anywhere.


5) Existing congestion

With the growing number of simultaneous users, you want to avoid congestion on your existing WiFi network.  You will need additional Access Points or Multi-user support, with better coverage and speed.


6) Premise expansion

New offices, in often larger spaces, mean more users and more WiFi Access Points, and a need for centralized management for all.

7) Online applications

There is an increasing number of online applications in various businesses, such as e-learning in education, online consultations in healthcare, etc. This brings an increased use of WiFi access, and a need for more modern WiFi technology with higher bandwidth and simultaneous user support.

8.) Move to a new, more efficient technology

The 802.11n standard is being overtaken by the new 802.11ac standard, which will account for almost 50% of all WiFi devices shipped in 2016.  Now is the time to move to a more efficient and more modern technology for multi-user support, like our WAC series.

9.) Visitor / Employee satisfaction

Many businesses, like cafés, restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets, now need to provide quality WiFi as a basic requirement to satisfy their guests.  Installing high coverage WiFi is now a necessity.

10.) Easier management & remote monitoring

Modern WiFi is much easier to manage, and with its faster installation, and remote monitoring and management, small businesses will certainly reap the benefits.

Learn more about our Wireless AC products:



Alexandra Mehat

Content, Messaging & Product Marketing Manager

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