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We are proud to announce a brand new feature of the Meural Art Library: the capability to buy individual art pieces or playlists to own forever.

Since the very beginning, Meural’s Art Library has been dynamic: delivering exciting new content that enters and exits the library every day, similar to how Netflix provides films for a limited time period. This process enables us  to continually grow our gallery, surprise our community, and build new and exciting partnerships.

While most artwork used to be available for a limited time only, we have been hearing from the Meural community that they were sad to see certain works go away. Now, with this new feature, you will no longer have to say goodbye to a piece that you love. Now, simply choose to purchase a given piece and you can own it in perpetuity—just like buying a print or an original painting at a gallery, only easier.

This also lets us continue to compensate our artists fairly—something very near and dear to Meural.  Artists will enjoy 60% of all sales, as well as more flexibility, control, and a way to sell their art directly to a new audience.

Just like Apple iTunes and Amazon Prime Video, the Marketplace will allow everyone to buy and own their favorite art. It will work in tandem with the Meural Membership to create the best way to experience and explore our collection.

With the Meural Membership, you’ll get a passport to a world of art—tens of thousands of images from the past, present, and future. This won’t change or diminish in any way. On the contrary: the Meural Membership will be a way to see and showcase works before they become available on the Meural Marketplace. Members will also get a special discount of 50% off.

Once select works and playlists are in the Marketplace, they will be available to purchase. It will be very similar to the experience of buying music (on iTunes, Amazon, and the like), you’ll be able to buy an individual work (like a song) or a playlist (like the whole album). To do this, just click “Buy,” and you’ll see the work or playlist appear under your “Purchases” tab.

In the upcoming months, you can expect some very amazing new partnerships, artists, and ways to interact with our platform. So have a look around, explore all of our new art, and enjoy this new way to collect art digitally!

Lauren McInnes

PR Specialist

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