The 2019 world of IT has been busy with software-defined architecture, IoT, moving things to the cloud, packing functions into apps and implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the background, these trends are expanding to other areas of technology, like the world of camera surveillance technology. With this current state of technology expansion in mind, this week NETGEAR publicly announced the company’s participation in the Open Security and Safety Alliance.

Why did NETGEAR join the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA)?

Because we want to help build the intelligent surveillance network of the future.

I realize that this is quite a bold statement, but please allow me to further explain why we think this is happening.

With joining OSSA, NETGEAR will work together with leading camera and video management vendors to create innovations in the area of video surveillance. Collaboration is mostly aimed at increasing performance, efficiency and security of video surveillance networks. NETGEAR brings almost 25 years of network innovation and experience to a market segment that is at the cusp of a new era, driven by recent technology like software-defined video over ethernet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, advanced network security, multi-gig connections and cloud management.

What does this OSSA alliance want to accomplish?

The alliance is a collaboration initiative that brings together like-minded organizations in order to develop standards and specifications for common components including an operating system, IoT infrastructure, collective approach for data security and privacy, and a drive for improved levels of performance for security and safety solutions.

Bosch Building Technologies, Hanwha Techwin, Milestone Systems, Pelco™ by Schneider Electric and VIVOTEK Inc. are the original founding members of the alliance. Yes – these are the biggest names in the industry. Today, this alliance represents many leading companies in the security, safety, building automation solutions and associated industries.

The OSSA initiative will help the surveillance market and its vendors to focus on the aspects that really add value for their customers and open up new application possibilities, even beyond security and safety.

NETGEAR’s vision

The end-point device market is experiencing an explosive growth in Internet-of-Things, and as a result, the generation and aggregation of enormous amounts of data.  That trend will only accelerate in the next years.  IP cameras have become highly affordable and are sold in tens of millions of units. But the security and safety of data have become a paramount concern among customers, manufacturers and service providers, as private and state sponsored cyber-attack activities have spread.

NETGEAR anticipates an explosive growth of market demand for highly secured networking infrastructure for IP Surveillance Cameras both on premise and across the Internet.

As a proven leader in the networking industry for over 20 years, NETGEAR intends to contribute key technologies and know-hows through the participation in OSSA, to help establish an open and common standard for IoT data security and safety, a shared goal of its members.

Power over Ethernet switching

One of the key elements of any video surveillance network is the combination of Ethernet switching and the supply of camera power through Power over Ethernet (PoE). NETGEAR has been a leading manufacturer in the PoE ethernet switch space for over 20 years and has recently accelerated the stream of industry firsts, like the M4300-96x modular 10gig switch, the FlexPoE concept for power-upgradeable switches and the Insight line of native smart cloud PoE switches.

Storing video footage

As a longtime and proven supplier to the IP Surveillance market, NETGEAR has listened to the needs of the camera installers. Not only are NETGEAR PoE switches durable, reliable and easy to configure, but with the widest selection, advanced features and affordable price points, NETGEAR PoE switches are now the first choice for installers worldwide. For over 12 years, NETGEAR have been active as an innovative network attached storage manufacturer with its ReadyNAS lineup, featuring the most advanced storage OS for small businesses.

Remote management

More recently, NETGEAR has developed secure cloud management services for millions of connected network devices. Using the Insight cloud management ecosystem, resellers and managed service providers can now remote-manage PoE connections to cameras and quickly detect if ports are down and troubleshoot, from the Insight cloud portal or even from their phones using the Insight app.

Want to learn more?

Please visit to learn more about NETGEAR Insight worry-free cloud network management, PoE switches and ReadyNAS network attached storage.

Richard Jonker

Vice President of SMB Product Line Management

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