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Here at NETGEAR, our Nighthawk Pro Gaming line of routers have been appreciated by gamers around the world. Utilizing the gaming-specific Duma OS, the Nighthawk Pro Gaming line has helped gamers reduce their ping, eliminate their lag, and upgrade their overall gaming experience.

What makes our Pro Gaming routers the best routers for your online game play?  Utilizing the Duma operating system, you’ll experience several customizable features that enhance your game from day one.

  • Geo-filtering allows you to guarantee that you only connect to nearby servers and players during your game, ensuring distance isn’t causing you lag.
  • Quality of Service eliminates network congestion by preventing lap when your bandwidth is being used.
  • Network Monitoring allows you to understand your internet usage and see who or what is causing your game to lag, with in-depth bandwidth analysis.

Although our gaming routers are blazing fast and have the only OS that addresses the specific needs of online gamers, our Nighthawk team is always on the lookout, to find solutions that address the unique challenges for the online gaming environment.

We are now introducing these top features as a Mesh WiFi system for whole home coverage and seamless roaming capabilities with the new Nighthawk Pro Gaming Mesh WiFi System (XRM570).

What is a Pro Gaming Mesh WiFi System?

After talking to our community of gamers, what we learned was that, although our routers are amazing, there are some people whose homes require a greater WiFi coverage. Our routers and mesh extenders can be used either wired or untethered, based on your preference.  But, what if your Ethernet is located downstairs in your home, and your gaming PC is upstairs? Your options at this point are (a) Run your gaming router wirelessly, which would rely on whether or not your WiFi is strong enough to support you; or (b) Run a cable throughout your house, from your Ethernet jack to your computer or console in a different part of the home; or (c) Get your home completely wired, however, this is a very expensive solution, easily costing thousands of dollars.  There is, of course, option (d) Move to a new house… but that seems a tad extreme.

Gamers were telling us that they wished they had even more freedom to game throughout their home, no matter where their cables are located, or how strong their broadband connection may be.

That is why NETGEAR came up with a solution, the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Mesh WiFi System (XRM570). It is a simple system which pairs our leading XR500 Pro Gaming Router with our EX770 WiFi mesh extender, so that those who use the router wirelessly can ensure they have a strong mesh WiFi signal at Gigabit speeds.

Our Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming WiFi router has been so popular, it been called the “fastest router ever” by Tom’s Guide, leaving “other gaming routers in the digital dust”. TechRadar has said “it’s no exaggeration to say that the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 is simply the best router a keen gamer can buy.” IGN says “the XR500 offers excellent performance with a superb software interface“.

And the EX7700 WiFi mesh extender is part of our Nighthawk Mesh line, which creates whole home WiFi under the same WiFi name, allowing for seamless coverage.

The magic in this system is in the fact that these units come pre-paired, which makes it a true mesh kit, so setting it up is a breeze. Any time you change your network settings on the router, it automatically updates the extender for you, because they are in sync.  The mesh extender also has two Ethernet ports in the back, in case you want to add more wired devices or consoles to your network.

The XRM570 is a complete solution with an unbeatable onboarding flow, designed for high-bandwidth homes. Streamers and gamers alike will benefit from high speeds this mesh system offers.  It’s available for sale right now directly on the NETGEAR website so check it out for more info!


Max Wu

Product Line Manager, Connected Home Products

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