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IT NETWORKING Challenges For Small Businesses and Home Office

The world runs on WiFi, and small businesses and home offices are no exception. But, as demand goes up, so does the need for advanced network solutions, along with the need for dedicated, or shared IT staff. More than ever before, it’s important that WiFi and network systems are built from the ground up to be simple to install and setup, and easy to maintain. What are some of the considerations and challenges of business networking?

To Wire or Not to Wire – That is the Question

Although WiFi is more convenient than Ethernet wired networking, WiFi is not always as secure or as fast as Ethernet. Many businesses need the security and speed of Ethernet, but the convenience and flexibility of wireless. And in some cases, they don’t have the means or site flexibility to run the cabling. Businesses need a networking choice that makes connecting without wires convenient and secure.

Is Your ISP a Solution to your WiFi Woes?

Without a doubt, your ISP likely has business plans, along with pricey contracts and rental wireless hardware. They are liable to eat into your profits with monthly fees, and they likely do not give you access to the latest and greatest WiFi technologies. These systems probably come with expensive setup fees, and ongoing support contracts to keep them running. While we should rely on our ISP to provide adequate Internet provisional speed and reliability, their outdated rented hardware may not necessarily be enough to keep your business going.

Small Business Means Multitasking

Most small business owners are multitaskers. You’re the CEO, CFO, HR Manager, and yes, stock-checker, shipper, and even the IT Manager! It’s a lot to do, and you can’t be everywhere at once. Imagine that you manage a short-stay vacation rental. Strong WiFi is critical to getting and maintaining a 5-star review. What if, due to a short power-outage, the WiFi is having some issues? How would you know? What would you do? You would need powerful, easy, and secure remote access to that site to monitor and maintain your WiFi system and ensure reliable performance, whether the location is right across town or 300 miles away.

The Next-Generation Solution to Small IT Networking: Orbi Pro WiFi 6

If your networking challenges seem insurmountable or unaffordable, maybe it’s time to upgrade to the ultimate business-grade WiFi experience — the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Tri-Band AX6000 WiFi System. Providing next-level coverage, speed, and capacity, Orbi Pro WiFi 6 is ideal for small business and home office deployments. Orbi Pro WiFi 6 is a multi-device system that contains a main router with a powerful 802.11ax WiFi 6 Tri-band signal, and the basic kit comes with an additional pre-configured satellite unit with Ethernet ports and the same powerful WiFi 6 technology. The DIY kit is designed to cover 5,000 square feet ships with 1 satellite and it is expandable with up to 6 satellites, each adding approximately 2,500 square feet to WiFi coverage so that you can get WiFi for over 17,000 sq feet!

Orbi Pro WiFi 6: Solving The Ethernet vs. Wireless Problem

Do you have Ethernet strung about your office space or home? Not all businesses do, and adding them later can be difficult, even impossible. The Orbi Pro system creates an extra-strong wireless backhaul between units, so that it’s almost as if the router and satellites are connected with a virtual cable. This wireless infrastructure is not broadcasted and is encrypted from the outside via its own private back-channel. And since it’s WPA3 encrypted 4×4 11ax 2.4Gbps, it’s able to perform on a par with wired Ethernet in terms of security and performance. And, as an added bonus for sites with existing Ethernet, you can simply plug the two units together and seamlessly connect router and satellites with an interference-resistant wired ethernet backhaul. So you’re free to flex your wired or wireless muscles!

Orbi Pro WiFi 6: The Latest in Business WiFi Technology

NETGEAR specializes in WiFi. As the market leader in WiFi 6, we have more WiFi 6 expertise than any other manufacturer. This innovation is transforming the possibilities for small home WiFi routers and systems, wireless hotspots, wireless extenders, professional wired PoE access points, and now business-grade WiFi. Orbi Pro WiFi 6, with its pre-configured units and easy in-app setup, is designed specifically for DIY businesses with little or no IT support.

Orbi Pro has a unique router and satellite architecture, scaling with your business with up to 6 satellites and 7 total stations. Simply add a new satellite and instantly expand to new areas of your site, or increase the number of supported employees or devices on site. Each router and satellite has 4 Ethernet ports, allowing you to create a large, seamless wired and wireless network; plug in devices that need a wired network; or even add an Ethernet switch to your network and create a virtually unlimited number of ports.

Does your business need multiple SSID names? Orbi Pro’s got you covered there too, allowing for up to 4 separate WiFi networks with complete separation, with the ability to tie VLANs to SSID for additional flexibility and security. And, with guest network client separation, guest devices on your network will not be able to access each other’s resources, adding an additional layer of security for clients.

Finally, Orbi Pro WiFi 6 is compatible with the award-winning NETGEAR Insight remote management system. Insight allows you to set up, monitor, and seamlessly manage your Orbi Pro along with other Insight compatible devices, such as our smart switches. With Insight, your business network is always in the palm of your hand.

The Choice is Simple: Orbi Pro WiFi 6 for Small Business Networking

Orbi Pro WiFi 6Ask yourself if you really want to pay monthly fees to your ISP for hand-me-down hardware, or to an IT support team for hardware setup and maintenance. How about upgrading to the latest and greatest small-business WiFi 6 for your employees and customers? Check out the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Tri-Band AX6000 WiFi System and discover how it can benefit your business.

P.S. Do you already have an IT team on staff or you’re ready and familiar with wired business PoE+ WiFi 6 access points, consider NETGEAR’s WiFi 6 WAX610 and WAX610Y – Read the Blog.

Doug Cheung

Senior Product Line Manager, Wireless and Storage

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