The computer network has evolved to the heart and artery system of your business. It transports data, voice, video, group chat, payments and the internet. Without the network, your business is pretty much disconnected from everything. Why would you leave it unattended, unmonitored, open to security threats and not growing with your business needs? It’s like wearing the same t-shirt as when you were 16. You think it still fits but it probably doesn’t.

If you run a business, here are ten reasons why it’s time to upgrade to the network of the future – NETGEAR Insight:

1) First and foremost – we are a proven reliable partner. At NETGEAR, we are very proud to have been serving small and medium businesses for almost 25 years. We have been serving our small business customers exclusively through specialized channel partners and we plan to continue that for the next 25 years. As a small business owner or IT manager, you are probably bombarded with all kind of new vendor offerings every day. Picking the right vendor is hard. You never know how they will treat you when you start doing business with them. The need for a reliable long-term profitable relation with a loyal vendor is probably among the most mentioned criteria by our customers. It’s one thing when you buy a piece of their hardware every now and then, but imagine you have 24/7 systems running the network. Things become suddenly much more critical – and reliability of that vendor is crucial.

2) In case you handle the network in a business – we have a complete networking portfolio for IT managers. We can help you with hundreds of products across routing, wired and wireless networking and network storage. Our latest innovations have remote management, plug-and-play set up, multi-location support with app and cloud user interfaces. One stop networking for SMB also allows you to standardize on one consistent way of configuring networks, backed by 24/7 support and industry-leading warranty terms.

3) We help you transition to a subscription model. It’s time for Network as a Service (NaaS). Rather than buying boxes and paying steep license fees to your reseller for enterprise networking features you do not need, NETGEAR Insight Pro enables you to buy uptime guarantee, remote management and monitoring services with a monthly or yearly subscription. Ask your provider to make it part of a managed service plan and have them charge you on a per user, per month basis. Which means you don’t just buy technology – you buy peace of mind and a planned future for the way you handle data and connectivity. With the Insight subscription model, you also secure an advisor for cloud, security, mobility and services rather than just a hardware provider, while lowering capital expenses pressure and enjoying the benefits of a monthly billing cycle. The bookkeeper will love it! Make it a base operational expense and get only charged extra for new user installation, configuration and migration from your previous environment.

4) We help your service provider and you with great technology under the hood. Our Insight Pro cloud back end technology and our mobile apps have been reviewed with “thumbs up” by independent industry expert testers like Tolly Group and Miercom. Not only is Insight extremely secure and thoroughly engineered, it also saves you time (=money) with service delivery, user management, and the ability to completely manage highly distributed networks remotely. Miercom tested NETGEAR Insight Pro against other industry offerings in the application’s capability to handle the specific needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to maintain multiple clients. They noted that Insight Pro is the ideal “low-cost, multi-function solution that enables administrators to maintain seamless, effortless control over a complex system right at their fingertips.” That saves you and your service provider some headaches and cost!

5) Insight Pro allows you and your managed service provider to take advantage of IT Automation and cloud efficiency. It is import for the relation with your service provider to have them always account for the time spent with each event or incident by logging everything they do — including labor time — in a ticket. As industry experts put it, “No service tickets, no work, no bill.” The single pane-of-glass management in Insight is easy to use and efficient, regardless of geographical location and guarantees a struggle-free experience when working on your networks, dealing with incidents, firmware updates, changes and configurations.

6) You can’t do it alone. And every network is different. We acknowledged that while designing Insight. Your staff may or may not want viewing or admin rights for him or herself in the network. Sometimes business owners want to be the legal owner of the network equipment, but often this is now outsourced, where you would provide the hardware as part of “Network as a Service”. Insight Pro facilitates various models of ownership and admin configurations. In the way privileges and rights are set up, we help with workloads distribution across multiple roles. So you don’t have to change the way you work – we follow you.

7) Always busy and on the road? We thought of that, too. Insight has a fully functional mobile application support – manage any customer network from any location with Insight for iOS or Android. With the knowledge and experience of selling over 50 million business network devices, we have cranked up the ease of use and innovation of device onboarding to the max. Which results in an industry leading set of time-saving deployment measures; you or your service provider can set up a network device anywhere in under 10 minutes. You can even preconfigure a device and have someone else drop it off at another location. Once booted up, the device will auto-configure and connect to your Insight management cloud.

8) Always know what’s going on. It is highly valuable for yourself as well as for your managed service provider to know how the network is performing. Insight Pro will figure out quickly where there are bottlenecks, even before you notice it. Insight Pro helps you with a wide range of metrics viewable through logging and reports. It’s like a weekly health check of all vital functions.

9) Let’s talk about money. NETGEAR’s Insight Pro is creating more affordable networks than other vendors. Therefore, you have to spend less money while still enjoying cutting edge technology. Even first-year deployment value outweighs its competitors, Miercom found. We will be happy to plug your specific network situation in our Total Cost of Ownership tool to show the math. But more importantly, since we don’t force our managed service providers to bill in a particular way, we give you freedom and flexibility to work out the best pricing model with your supplier. You can change service providers and even pause using Insight remote management and monitoring services – the Insight network components are designed to keep on working no matter what.

10) It’s not just us saying it, it’s industry experts. “Based on our observations, we found that the NETGEAR Insight Pro product line and cloud-based control provided the best value and an efficient “ground-up”, multi-tenant, multi-location platform for central management of SMB site,” said Robert Smithers, CEO, Miercom. “Insight Pro’s network management functionality is representative of the expansive shift towards cloud-based solutions; which reduce cost while providing more value than its competitors, earning the Miercom Performance Verified certification.”

Alexandra Mehat
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