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Businesses Today Face WiFi Challenges:

Modern businesses are facing challenges and dilemmas as they become more and more unbound by the limitations of hardware and software. Tablets, laptops, cellular phones, and other mobile devices are becoming the main way that employees and customers interact with each other. All of these devices and services need powerful WiFi and  IT departments are facing limitations and challenges as layouts change and more and more of an office or venue needs to be covered in WiFi. What do you do when you need to expand a network across multiple buildings? What do you do when you need cabling or connection in hard to reach places? What if your customers and employees need a strong connection outdoors in large areas? Finally, what is a business to do when an IP camera has power, but has no effective way to transmit data? These are all issues that NETGEAR Business is solving. 

AirBridge – Solve the Limitations of Ethernet Cabling

Ethernet standard cable length is 100 meters.  WiFi range, depending on the radio configuration, the physical barriers and radio interference, is about 25 meters beyond which the signal strength is too weak to carry any meaningful data. While LTE or other cellular network technologies may provide Internet connection, businesses may opt to extend the current network to achieve a single-point of management and cost-efficiency.

This is where NETGEAR Business comes into play to provide cost-effective Internet connection at a detached site or IP surveillance cameras in a distance with a new product, the NETGEAR Insight Instant Wireless Airbridge. Airbridge is able to provide multiple modes and fulfills many use cases including – long-distance outdoor wireless connectivity, outdoor WiFi access point with dust and water resistance, a design with Integrated ports for wired connectivity to non-Wifi devices and great range and performance for efficient networking.  

NETGEAR’s Insight Instant Wireless AirBridge is a point-to-point wireless bridge for long-distance, line-of-sight, outdoor connections up to 9000 feet (3000m). The NETGEAR AirBridge is ideal for multi-building outdoor WiFi or network expansion for businesses. With the Insight AirBridge, a network can now be extended to a building across the street or WiFi can be provided for outdoor facilities such as country clubs, golf courses, lodges, resorts, farms, schools as well as the enabling of outdoor IP camera installations for home or business security and surveillance. 

AirBridge-AboveNETGEAR AirBridge delivers 500Mbps at 500-foot (166m) range and supports high-performance 5GHz 802.11ac WiFi technology. The AirBridge is designed for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network expansion from the master site to one or more far-away satellite sites.  The wireless network provides the option to be managed in two ways for ease of installation and maintenance; locally through the device UI or remotely with NETGEAR Insight. Our customers already enjoy the AirBridge’s quality:


As a Country Club manager in Silicon Valley, it is a must to keep up with the technical requirements of my tech-savvy membership.  The membership is now enjoying fast and reliable connectivity throughout our 100-acre property. NETGEAR has worked with the Club to build out our network and provide excellent coverage for users on the golf course, driving range, tennis courts, pool area and in both the clubhouse and our pro shops.  Most notably, NETGEAR’s WiFi technologies enable the network build-out with zero terrain alteration and minimal disruption of operations. It just works.” States Joe Callan, Manager of the Saratoga Country Club.

NETGEAR AirBridge offers the best versatility to address any outdoor WiFi coverage need for long-range (improved WiFi range) or long-distance (beyond WiFi and Ethernet reach) applications. NETGEAR AirBridge supports 3 modes: point-to-point wireless bridge, WiFi client bridge, and outdoor WiFi access point.

Rated to resist harsh weather, NETGEAR AirBridge incorporates a sturdy housing with IP55 enclosure. IP55 means the enclosure is designed to protect against dust and solids, liquids, fluids and water, and robustly designed to also withstand long sun exposure, snow, hail and frost.

Each box includes a power supply and mounting accessories, for easy outdoor installation on walls or poles. On the back of the AirBridge are convenient LED lights for indicating power and signal strength. 

“NETGEAR AirBridge is a great addition to our small business networking portfolio and enables the capability to expand WiFi outdoors as far as the eye can see with exceptional coverage and speed. With among the best cost-to-performance ratio for outdoor networks or WiFi expansion in the industry, we believe that this is an excellent solution for any household or business to extend a network out of doors on school campuses, in parking lots, between multi-building grounds and for outdoor surveillance cameras,” explained Richard Jonker, vice president of product line management for NETGEAR Business. “Additionally, the expanded network and the AirBridge are easily monitored remotely and configured with the cost-effective Insight management platform.”

Extending a network to a remote site. Versatile AirBridge Applications Use Cases: 

Set up one AirBridge that functions as a master at the main site to connect to another AirBridge that functions as a satellite at a detached site. The network at the detached site is an extension of the network at the main site. 

WiFi Internet connection to a detached, independent network.

Set up one AirBridge that functions as a master at the main site to connect to another AirBridge that functions as a satellite at a detached site. Connect a router to the satellite so the network at the detached site is independent of the network at the main site. 

Centrally manage video surveillance networks located at different sites.

Set up one AirBridge that functions as a master at the main site to connect up to three AirBridge(s) that function as satellites at detached sites. Connect video surveillance equipment to the satellite at each detached site. 

Provide long-range WiFi service to outdoor clients.

Set up an AirBridge that functions as an access point to serve multiple outdoor WiFi clients over a longer range than typical WiFi. 

WiFi connection to an outdoor device that is not WiFi-capable

Set up an AirBridge that functions as a client bridge to connect to any WiFi access point. Provide a WiFi connection to an outdoor device such as a pan–tilt–zoom (PTZ) camera by connecting it directly to the Ethernet ports on the AirBridge. 

We hope you’ll agree that in places where Ethernet cables can’t go and WiFi can’t reach, AirBridge extends your network as far as you can see. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Visit the AirBridge WBC502 page and learn more.

Doug Cheung

Senior Product Line Manager, Wireless and Storage

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