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Orbi, our award-winning WiFi mesh system, has been very busy lately, heroically saving families around the world from being torn apart by bad WiFi. Our entire line of Orbi products has been praised loudly; Orbi has been referred to as life changing by TechCrunch, and the “mesh router to beat” by Tom’s Guide. It has been listed as one of the Best WiFi Mesh Network Systems of 2018 by PC Mag, and has been called the “Rolls Royce of home WiFi Routers.”

And now, the latest addition to the rapidly growing Orbi ecosystem is here, and it’s as great as you would expect.  We are pleased to introduce you to the industry’s first cable modem router  to provide a mesh WiFi system, the Orbi Whole Home WiFi System with Built-in Cable Modem (CBK40).

It’s a cable modem and WiFi router in one, and can be paired with any of our Orbi satellite extenders.  Say goodbye to the clutter of having a separate device for both the cable modem and the router! Au revoir to monthly rental fees that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been charging you! And adios to the intermittent connectivity and the video buffering of bad internet that you’ve grown so accustomed to, because, in addition to the recurring monthly fee showing up on your billing, the ISP-provided rental equipment is often previously used and simply outdated!

With Cable Orbi’s super-fast Tri-Band WiFi speeds, up to 2.2Gbp, along with the fastest DOCSIS 3.0 32×8 channel bonding built-in cable modem, you will be able to get much faster internet speeds from your service provider. This, along with less congested traffic during the peak hours of your neighborhood, means you will always have uninterrupted data flow to all of the connected devices in your home. And we know you have a lot!

The Cable Orbi is CableLabs certified to work with virtually all ISP’s, from Comcast’s Xfinity, to Spectrum, Cox, and more.  For Xfinity customers, our mobile app also supports in-app cable activation, so you can easily setup the device without any help from service technicians needed.  What’s more, you will get all of the latest Orbi router features with automatic software updates, so your Orbi system will simply keep on getting better over time.

And, since it’s an Orbi Mesh WiFi System, you can add as many as 5 satellites with a range of 2,500 square feet each, to extend your WiFi network throughout the entirety of your property, even to those remote rooms you’ve never had coverage before. What happens if you move out of your current home into a larger home or property? You will not need to switch out the WiFi system to reach that extra square footage. Just add on Orbi satellites, such as our weather-resistant Orbi Outdoor Satellite, for a seamless expansion of WiFi coverage everywhere – even out to the patio, pool, or shed.

Don’t be stuck with old rental equipment that leaves you sad with bad WiFi. Make ISP rental fees a forgotten memory, take back control, and enhance your WiFi experience with the NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band WiFi Mesh System with Built-in Cable Modem!

Max Wu

Product Line Manager

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