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Meural Meets the Future of Retail in NYC

By Lauren McInnes

We’ve always known that the Meural Smart Canvas is a product that needs to be seen to be believed. While it looks beautiful in pictures, it’s hard to beat the magic of changing art with a wave of your hand for the very first time, and getting so close up that you feel like you […]

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Orbi Voice – WiFi Meets HiFi

By Amit Rele

Orbi WiFi systems have already won rounds of accolades with industry experts, and have been called the mesh WiFi router to beat. Described by CNET as “out of this world”, the NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi System is able to fill even the largest of homes with high-speed WiFi and accommodate all your family’s online wants and needs, […]

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Take Control of Your WiFi and Eliminate Recurring Rental Fees

By Max Wu

Orbi, our award-winning WiFi mesh system, has been very busy lately, heroically saving families around the world from being torn apart by bad WiFi. Our entire line of Orbi products has been praised loudly; Orbi has been referred to as life changing by TechCrunch, and the “mesh router to beat” by Tom’s Guide. It has […]

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NETGEAR’s Alexa Integration

By Taranom Kazempour

As part of our exciting journey into the world of voice integration for the smart home, NETGEAR has now partnered with Amazon’s Alexa, which has introduced voice commands for your NETGEAR WiFi network.  So, if you have an Orbi or one of the supported Nighthawk routers, and use an Amazon Echo speaker or the Amazon Fire TV voice […]

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