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In Episode 4 of Switched On Thinking, Kat Hayes, Senior Network Engineer from Hawk-Eye, joins NETGEAR’s Business Development and Technical Manager Kieran Purdie and host Neil C Hughes to explore the many challenges associated with live, fast-paced OTT sports broadcasting, where network switch performance and stability are absolutely crucial.

“It has to work, and it has to work now!”

Hawk-Eye is a leading innovator in sports technology. Perhaps best known as the broadcast tool used to analyze decisions in cricket, Hawk-Eye is an integral part of over 20 sports and covers 20,000 events across 500+ stadiums in over 90 countries every year, ranging from tennis to Iranian volleyball.

Neil, Kat, and Kieran talk about the challenges of keeping data flowing in this rapidly-evolving OTT broadcast environment, whether the event is held in a world-class stadium or a remote location where internet connectivity is a constant struggle.

“Hawk-Eye is the most sophisticated vision processing system in broadcasting, and it demands a robust, high-performance networking solution to ensure that critical moments are never missed,”
said Kieran Purdie. “As a global company, NETGEAR has resources in almost every country, which allows us to rapidly test and adapt to the evolving challenges that Hawk-Eye Innovations faces.”

The importance of partnerships

The podcast also discusses the importance of the close working partnership NETGEAR and Hawk-Eye Innovations have and how such partnerships are fundamental to the reliability of the platform.
“Unlike traditional networking, where you can delay a project for a day or even a week, with live sports, everything has to work from the get-go,” said Kat Hayes. “This means ensuring that the network, which is effectively the heart of the Hawk-Eye platform, is robust and reliable. Moreover, we need a global partner we can rely on to ensure that when unforeseen technical challenges arise, we can solve them together, quickly and easily.”

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