NETGEAR ReadyNAS is designed to ensure that your data is always secure, keeping your business safe, at any time – reliable, affordable and easy to use since 2007. And in order to keep you up to date with the latest features, and continue to safeguard your data from most current threats, NETGEAR has just released the latest free software upgrade for ReadyNAS with even MORE features for your data-hungry and security-conscious business.

ReadyNAS OS6.9 brings you MORE of the following:

  • More Cloud backup / sync options
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced security

More Cloud backup options for increased peace of mind and flexibility

ReadyNAS already supports cloud sync to an array of 3rd party cloud storage options – Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive. With ReadyNAS OS 6.9, NETGEAR has now added cloud sync for Microsoft Azure and OneDrive. In addition to PCs and laptops, users can now either sync their Azure or OneDrive data with their ReadyNAS, backup from the cloud to the ReadyNAS, or backup the ReadyNAS to their cloud of choice. While ReadyNAS already offers robust and fast onsite data backup and access, a public cloud like Azure or OneDrive brings you anywhere access, reliability, and ability to recover data from the cloud in case of a disaster.

Improved performance for increased efficiency and collaboration

Storage tiering is a performance increasing technology that stores different types of data in tiers based on the performance characteristics of available media on the system. It can be beneficial for a wide range of applications such as virtualization, database applications, and file servers. With ReadyNAS OS 6.9, users can now add an SSD tier to their Flex-RAID volume and leverage the low latency of SSDs to increase I/O performance by up to 20X. Tiering opens up a world of possibilities for ReadyNAS users with even greater potential benefits down the road.

Enhanced security for increased protection against data loss and ransomware

Further strengthening our position as the most secure storage device in our market segment, is the addition of SMB3 transport encryption. Users can now require that SMB transmissions to and from the ReadyNAS be encrypted, protecting users from eavesdropping attacks.

Finally, if you haven’t used ReadyDR Disaster Recovery to back up your valuable data from one ReadyNAS to another, now is the time! In ReadyNAS OS 6.9, we have made a number of usability enhancements – greatly simplifying the process for creating a ReadyDR job. ReadyNAS OS 6.9.x is based on the latest Linux 4 kernel that has numerous security and performance enhancements over Linux 3, an officially end-of-life Linux kernel that our competitors still run on.  ReadyNAS OS adopts a modern file system BTRFS, version 4.12, that has built-in fault tolerance, repair, and easy administration features among others, that are far more sophisticated and reliable than the traditional EXT3, EXT4 file systems, again, leading the SMB network storage industry. Learn more about the great security and performance advantages of BTRFS here.

So don’t wait, upgrade to the new OS6.9 to get the full ReadyNAS experience.  Your data. Your business. Protected.

Learn More about ReadyNAS network storage family by visiting our product page.



Doug Cheung

Sr. Product Line Manager for Network Storage

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