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Business networks are growing rapidly. Due to the increased use of Voice-over-IP phones, wireless access points, IP cameras for surveillance, and applications like Internet of Things (IoT), networks need to provide businesses with more control, more security, and easier management. To address the industry’s need for an integrated solution that can meet businesses’ needs, NETGEAR has created Plus switches with PoE+ and management capabilities. These Plus Gigabit switches cost only a little more than Unmanaged switches while offering advanced network management.

We asked our users what makes these switches such a great choice. Here are 10 reasons taken straight from tens of thousands of online customer reviews that gave an average rating of 4.5 out of 5!

The NETGEAR Plus Gigabit series includes the following models: GS105E, GS105PE, GS108E, GS108PE, GS116E, GS305E, GS308E, JGS516E, JGS516PE, JGS524PE, GS750E, and the latest models, GS305EP, GS305EPP, GS308EP, and GS308EPP that launch in November 2020. Finally, if even more advanced performance is needed check out our high-speed 10 Gigabit Plus switches for more.

1. Easy Management

Plus switches provide easy-to-use, fundamental network management features. No need for an IT expert or a complicated user manual. Just configure your network with the user-friendly NETGEAR Plus Web GUI.

“Small simple managed switch. This switch just works. If you wanted to extend your network b/c you ran out of jacks on your router. This does the trick and works unmanaged for the most part. But if you need some specific steering of devices on your network, this switch can do that with VLAN tagging.”
(Robert Shane Stookey)

2. Best value for a managed switch

Businesses don’t always have the budget or advanced network training to work with complex managed switches. The Plus switches are packed with useful features, affordable for a small additional cost above an Unmanaged switch.

“Plug and play. For anyone that just needs for a robust office switch, this is great. has the bandwidth for VoIP, and zippy fast LAN speed for everything else. Perfect for my application and I couldn’t find a better price on a comparable switch.”
(OC Birder Trish)

“Price to feature set is amazing. You get a nice set of layer 3 features but you don’t need a degree in IT Networking to figure it out. I’ve been a corporate IT consultant for 12 years now and I hold certs with HP networking and Cisco and I can say that bang for the buck, this Netgear switch series has all the features your standard office setup would need. You can Vlan, traffic prioritizes and get some good analysis from the device.”

3. Ideal for home or office use

These switches are ideal for all uses to add ports to your existing network wherever it is, whether at home or in the office. Port count ranges from 5 to 16, 24, or even 50 ports for all deployment needs. In addition, PoE capabilities, QoS, and VLAN allow for increased management and security for any network. Ideal for VoIP phones, IP cameras, WiFi, and any converged audio/video network applications.

“Got this switch for working with equipment at work, and so far it has been great. I needed the Gigabit speed, along with IGMP snooping and multicast features, without having to deal with a fully managed switch. This is great.”
(OC Birder Trish)

“I purchased this switch for the house to consolidate a few smaller and older switched that were in use. This has worked out well for me and I do recommend this switch for home or small business use.”
(R Close)

“I am an IT professional and I use this for home. Purchased because it was a different brand than we use at work. I was really surprised at the quality and capability. Love it.” (Gary Donson)

4. Powerful PoE and PoE+ (up to 30W per port) offerings

Either all or half of the ports have support for PoE+, so a single wire can deliver power and network connectivity to PoE+ devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras, VoIP phones, access-controlled security door locks, and other IoT PoE-powered devices.

“I connect all the wire ethernet cables that go to all the rooms of the house through this switch. Also, I connect all the security cameras to the POE connectors on this switch. It runs 24/7 with full gigabit speed.”
(Black Knight)

5. Consumer- and business-friendly local web browser-based GUI with full access

The latest Plus switches (November 2020) boast a very intuitive user interface that allows easy configuration of all features such as VLANs, PoE features, and QoS, among many others.

“I am happy with this switch so far and it is working as intended. Its interface is easy to use and has quite a few capabilities that are clearly laid out.”
(Amanda Hubbard)

“This is perfect for someone that needs that extra management ability because of VoIP or other networking needs but doesn’t need or want to get into full layer 3 switching. The web interface is easily learned and accessible.”

6. Advanced PoE features with uninterrupted PoE

Manage power for PoE connected devices by enabling and disabling PoE power per port, PoE prioritization, PoE power limit per port, and more. The newest Plus switches also include an Uninterrupted PoE feature that keeps PoE power on even when the switch is updating firmware or performing a software reboot.

“Placed it, forgot about it. Functions without issues. Throughput hasn’t had any issues. PoE was powerful enough for 8 cameras.”

7. Fundamental Management with QoS, VLAN, IGMP, and more

Plus switches provide VLANs for more secure and efficient use of network resources, QoS for optimized network performance, and better delivery of mission-critical traffic, port mirroring for troubleshooting, and IGMP Snooping for improved network efficiency on delivering multicast traffic.

“As a fully managed switch, you get to control things at the port level if you desire. It also includes capabilities like VLANs, QoS, Port Mirroring, Port Rate Limiting, and more.”
(Amanda Hubbard)

“I decided I would go with Plus vs Managed or Unmanaged Switches and these ended up paying off really well! Since this is Plus managed I can setup VLANs, which I didn’t know what that was before I got these and have ended up using many VLANs for the sake of routing PoE connections to other switches to keep my IP Cameras on a separate network and all internet connections on a separate network.”

“The VLAN functionality is awesome and seems to work as designed. I feel like my network speed has increased (using the same router) due to the VLAN functionality. I like that I can segregate the wireless traffic so it can’t access my LAN.”

8. Fanless or quiet operation and versatile mounting for easy deployment

Plus switches provide completely silent operation on most models within a desktop small form factor. They also have wall-mounting capabilities; even large port-count models can be rack-mounted. Easily set up these switches in any type of environment, even noise-sensitive ones.

“Silent PoE switch. Well, it’s really a silent POE switch with rackmount and the max output power of 100W, I’ve tested the working noise in 46dB with my smartphone stand aside the switch, the noise level is really fit for regular home use.”
(Chun Lun Lau)

“Very happy with this device. PLUS it’s whisper quiet. Super bonus.”
(OC Birder Trish)

9. Easy troubleshooting capabilities with port mirroring and cable testing

No need for expensive troubleshooting tools with the Plus switches. Simply use port mirroring and cable testing integrated features to easily troubleshoot your network.

“Another great feature I have been able to use is under Maintenance and that’s being able to test the cables already plugged in. I have 34 IP Cameras installed at my mini-storage facility and this switch had a handful of cameras plugged into it and the garage door installers drilled directly into the hole within the block that I had for an IP Camera. I was able to run the cable tester and it showed in meters how far away when it terminated, which happened to be right where they severed the line. I added a jack to the end of the line and added an extension, drilled a new hole, and I was on my way! The cable tester has been a lifesaver for sure!”

10. High reliability backed by a segment-leading hardware warranty with Next Business Day replacement

Experience NETGEAR’s 25 years of experience with networking with every switch you purchase. Get a 5-year or Limited Lifetime warranty on your Plus switches.

“5 stars product and 5 stars customer service. I have had this switch for since 2016. Suddenly, the switch stopped working and all the lights went amber color. I called customer service and we walked through several solutions but none were successful. I told them that this device has a life-time warranty. They issued RMA number for me and they send me a new one next business day. I returned the damaged one to them. Hands down to Netgear products and their customer services.”
(Black Knight)

Marynel Rapinan

Product Line Manager – SMB

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