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Topping headlines and garnering media attention from nearly every channel, eSports is all the rage these days. To some, it has become a buzzword, but to gamers, it is pure validation of the proficiency of the players and the intensity of the competition.

Games have always been about the competition. Remember the thrill you would get from beating the high score at your local arcade; well, that same shot of adrenaline will resurface when beating someone out for a chicken dinner on PUBG. And, as we recall (I am obviously dating myself here) the days of placing a quarter on the edge of the arcade screen to claim “next game,” the whole objective of playing games is to beat your opponent.  With Nighthawk Pro Gaming, our products are designed to specifically help you play your game of choice with no limitations when it comes to your network.

Five years ago, eSports consisted of loose tournaments and matches; however, with the emergence of professional leagues like Intel Extreme Masters, Electronic Sports League and the Overwatch League, the professionalism of eSports has not only elevated the skill of the players, but elevated the industry as a whole.

In 2017, eSports revenues rose over 41% to almost $700 million. Overwatch was the fastest game to reach 30 million players. The audience for Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is 20 times the number of actual players on Twitch. Spectators watched 73.54 million hours of content during the Overwatch League’s first stage! The audience numbers for eSport matches are often equal to, and at times even exceed, that of the National Hockey League or Major League Baseball!

After the glow of March Madness, there are plans to launch an NBA 2K League, which will actually be backed by 17 NBA teams. Players have to try out in a combine, just like in real life, and then will be drafted by the teams as professional players. Players on eSports leagues are often paid a salary and are treated just like any other sports professional.

Nighthawk Pro Gaming was launched out of the love for games and the desire to help both avid and casual players excel at the competition. For over 20 years, NETGEAR has designed and manufactured world class networking equipment. The Nighthawk Pro Gaming line up of products help to recreate the same experience one would have playing a professional tournament, right from the comfort of your own home. The fitness of your network is essential when taking your game play online. Like the need for tires that grip the road on a Bugatti Chiron, you will need the right equipment to help you perform at your best, and the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router and the SX10 10G LAN Switch help to majorly lower ping, cut out latency, and stabilize your network connection, helping you to really get the most out of your gaming experience, and to beat the competition.

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Gaming Brand Manager

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