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NETGEAR has been honored to help out an amazing organization called Patriot Service Dogs.  This group of about 100 active volunteers based out of Jacksonville, FL, works to enrich the lives of disabled military veterans by placing a well-trained and lovingly-raised service dog with them.

The organization reached out to Arlo Cares because they had an unfortunate theft at one of their events, and they were hoping that we could assist with keeping their events secure.

“We’ve faced some issues at some of our events recently and we wanted to do something about it.  So we worked with NETGEAR, who donated Arlo camera kits in order to help try to make things safer.  I’m pleased to say that it’s made a difference already, and we are able to focus our attention on what really matters,” says Susan Bolto, founder of Patriot Service Dogs.

It takes a full 2 years to train a puppy into a service dog for this program.  To donate to the Patriot Service Dogs organization, visit:

To learn more about Arlo Cares, please visit us online.

Christopher Kidd

Community Development Marketing Manager

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