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Orbi WiFi systems have already won rounds of accolades with industry experts, and have been called the mesh WiFi router to beat. Described by CNET as “out of this world”, the NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi System is able to fill even the largest of homes with high-speed WiFi and accommodate all your family’s online wants and needs, eliminating dead zones and dreaded buffering.

With our award-winning dedicated tri-band backhaul, NETGEAR has been the innovation leader in the WiFi and Mesh Systems category, and were the first to introduce an outdoor mesh unit, as well as the first to include a cable modem into a mesh router.

And now, NETGEAR is revolutionizing the industry once again by introducing, for the first time, an end device feature into a Mesh System.  The Orbi Voice Mesh WiFi System with Orbi Voice WiFi Satellite & Smart Speaker —the newest member to our top-rated Orbi family of WiFi routers, just announced in Berlin at IFA, the largest consumer electronics tech show in Europe. Other smart speakers may actually slow down your home WiFi. But not Orbi Voice.

The Orbi Voice is an incredible three-in-one smart speaker. How is it three-in-one?  First, as expected, the Orbi Voice delivers high-performance WiFi as an Orbi satellite.  Secondly, it includes a built-in Smart Assistant, from the market leader in that space – Amazon Alexa.  And finally, it includes high-fidelity Harman Kardon engineered audio that will rock your room. Not only can you voice-control your music (and other smart devices throughout your home), but you can really enjoy it too, with the speaker’s exceptionally rich, room-filling timbres.

We see our valued customers placing the Orbi Voice where they spend the most time and have the majority of their smart devices.  For example, in a living room to connect and control smart TVs, set-top-boxes, and other connected devices; in a kitchen, so they can use the voice assistant capabilities to turn on/off their smart lighting, or listen to music while their hands are occupied; and in a bedroom, to control and manage their thermostats, play some soothing bedtime music or set an alarm, from the comfort of their bed.

Don’t just take our word for it. Android Headlines announced Orbi Voice as the one product that took home their Best of IFA 2018 Award.  Digital Trends gave us an Editor’s Choice Award in their Best of IFA 2018, Ubergizmo named us in their Best of IFA 2018 list, and CNET was seriously pleased that our “best-in-class” mesh WiFi  is now combined with an Alexa speaker, in their own Best of IFA 2018 list.

Instead of continually expanding your WiFi network by adding yet another WiFi device, you can now finally consolidate and replace your router, extenders, and smart speaker with one Orbi Voice Mesh WiFi System.

First to market. One of a kind.

Orbi™ Mesh WiFi System with Orbi Voice—delivering whole home WiFi with a superior smart speaker experience.

Amit Rele

Product Manager, Orbi

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