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Have you seen the round up on the new category of distributed WiFi systems, written by Jim Salter, yet?

Whole Home WiFi systems burst onto the scene last year, and they are designed to blanket a whole home in WiFi coverage, eliminating dead spaces and reducing lag times, in an ever-increasingly device-rich home, and all under the same SSID.

In his article, Send WiFi Companies Floor Plans, Receive the Ultimate Mesh Networking Test, published via Ars Technica, Salter tested and compared the upload and download throughputs for Eero, Plume, AmpliFi HD, Google Home, and the Orbi Tri-band WiFi system.

He concluded that the Orbi WiFi system’s “overwhelming raw throughput” came out on top and that the Orbi is “one of the two best mesh kits on the market today”.

Take a read through the review and share your thoughts!

Taranom Kazempour
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