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After many years of hard work, you’ve finally realized your dream of opening a lovely business in a small town.  Through trial and error, you’ve perfected your craft and have made a name for yourself.  And, even better, word of mouth has made people from neighboring cities want to stop by to check it out.   It’s been a work in progress, but you’ve managed to establish yourself as a thriving business in the community.

Regardless of what type of small business you run, you are an entrepreneur, and that means that every business decision is left up to you.  Whether it is payroll, setting up a point of sale, or installing your network, you are the one left to figure it all out.

It is easily understood that providing free WiFi to both clients and employees is an essential part of running a modern business.  The difficulty begins when you actually try to set up a wireless access point, as it can be time consuming, costly, and inconvenient.  Who has time to do the research and gain the proper in-depth knowledge required to make the right networking decisions?  You have a business to run and the role of IT manager is just one of many that you must juggle on a daily basis.  When setting up wireless access for your business, it can get complicated very quickly, and leaving it to a professional IT consultant would add even more cost to the equation.

NETGEAR has the solution for your business WiFi woes with the new Orbi Pro Tri-band WiFi System with our patented Fastlane3 technology, which has the critical components of not only Tri-band WiFi, but also a dedicated WiFi link from the Orbi extender to the Orbi router, and our optimized antenna design in the Orbi extender.

The Orbi Pro setup is designed to be simple.  This new WiFi system by NETGEAR minimizes the down time while eliminating wires, and, best yet, you do not need to outsource your networking to an IT professional.   Orbi Pro allows you to create and manage secure, isolated networks for your administrative, customer, and employee needs.  On top of that, Orbi Pro enables you to create a guest portal which allows you to write terms and conditions for your customers to agree upon before they connect to the Internet.

Why make wireless access complicated for your business?  Pick Orbi Pro, an easy to use and scalable Network-in-a-Box router, WiFi, and switch, only made possible by NETGEAR’s award-winning Tri-band WiFi Technology, and our 20 years of experience building small business networking.

Alexandra Mehat

Content, Messaging & Product Marketing Manager

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