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Wireless connectivity is the lifeblood of business. As your business grows, so do wireless and wired networks, creating complexity for network managers. As SMB networks become more complex, IT pros need the ability to gain immediate, accessible and consumable information on their networks across segments, devices, links and clients. Whether it be an SMB owner, IT manager or an MSP, IT and networking professionals need to be able to have comprehensive and easy-to-see-and-understand visibility into their networks. They need a solution that provides them with a single console where they can see the networks’ health from end-to-end from the ISP point of entry to the clients using the network and be able to drill down into any device on their networks to debug, fine-tune configs and improve the network, no matter how complex.

Solve The Network Topology Riddle with Insight 6.0

I’m pleased to announce that Insight Topology has been launched with the latest version of NETGEAR Insight, version 6.0. Insight Topology is built to organize the wired and wireless networks to produce a clear and concise network map that enables IT and network administrators to gain unprecedented visibility into the elements and logic, as well as the status of the networks they manage.

Users can see their full network in a single view with clear visibility into the hierarchy of their network as well as the status of devices, links and client devices. The Insight topology viewer is a tool to provide a holistic view for users to quickly drill down to areas that need further troubleshooting or configuration modification. By integrating Insight Topology at various levels such as location network view and device-level view, even client level, users get comprehensive hierarchical visibility of each network on a single screen.

Troubleshooting issues with networks and devices typically is a painful process for IT and networking pros. Just creating alerts on issues is insufficient without a visual representation of the network’s topology to be able to quickly diagnose and fix the cause.

Further optimize your network browsing experience with colorful nodes used to indicate your network’s connected routers, switches, access points, and wireless clients and links to show port properties such as PoE on/off, port speed and more. Insight 6.0 also helps shorten your debugging experience with the clean collapsible/expandable Insight 6.0 topology graph, even drill down to device level topology to focus on debugging specific devices. Other new features available in Insight 6.0 include ping and trace-route for troubleshooting.

Location level topology

Insight Topology aims to provide Insight users a high-level overview to navigate into specific tasks that they wish to implement. Insight Topology is scalable as your organization’s network grows. Insight Topology provides ease-of use and is customizable to your needs. It is also built for speed and responsiveness.

Insight Topology provides an extensive set of predefined icons, colors and other elements to visualize all the elements of a network, while it also supports the creation of user-defined custom views based on filter selection. Just a few specific Insight Topology features include – support all Insight-Managed devices, view the topology in predefined layouts such as Tree, Star, hierarchical, the ability to zoom in/out and drag, and many more. Also be able to configure, reboot and update firmware per device.

You can customize your Network Map with the one that works for you. Views include Tree view: Clearly view the hop count connected to the ISP and each router, switch or AP. In tree view you can easily distinguish the parent nodes and child nodes to analyze the flow of your network. Abstract view: Ability to identify loner APs and APs that are too dense with too many clients connected to it. You can then use load balancing and manage the number of clients to that AP so the client distribution is more even. SSID View: Look only at devices and mapping based specifically on what SSID that portion of your network is using. Device Level Topology: shows one hop upstream and one hop downstream for quick and easy device debugging

Additional Insight 6.0 Troubleshooting features

There will always be tasks for IT managers to monitor and manage, so we’ve also launched some additional troubleshooting features to make your IT pro’s tasks more manageable.

Ping: Use ping to help check if an IP address is accessible or not, and also checks if the computers on a local network are active. Ping sends a packet to a specified address and waits for the reply and measures round trip time and reporting errors.

Traceroute: Use traceroute to trace a packet from your computer to the host, it will also show the number of hops and time required to reach the host. When a packet cannot reach its destination and expires at an intermediate hop, that node returns the packet and identifies itself.

Happy Birthday NETGEAR Insight Management!

I hope you will join me in wishing NETGEAR Insight a very happy Birthday. With the release of Insight v6.0, it’s been an amazing 4 innovative years of providing cloud and remote management solutions for SMBs and MSPs! NETGEAR Insight supports an ever-growing list of dozens of advanced switches, AC and WiFi 6 access points and business routers.

Insight V.6.0 is live and featured for CES 2021. Learn more about Insight and get control of your professional networks.

Bret DeCelle

Sr. Brand Experience Manager – NETGEAR Business

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