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As part of our exciting journey into the world of voice integration for the smart home, NETGEAR has now partnered with Amazon’s Alexa, which has introduced voice commands for your NETGEAR WiFi network.  So, if you have an Orbi or one of the supported Nighthawk routers, and use an Amazon Echo speaker or the Amazon Fire TV voice remote, you will now be able to say aloud commands such as, “Alexa, ask NETGEAR to enable my guest network”, or “Alexa, ask NETGEAR what are my WiFi settings” (your password will then be securely displayed via the Alexa app), all while never having to launch a browser, log-in, or navigate a dashboard.

And trust me, once you experience the wonders of NETGEAR router integration with Alexa, you’ll be wanting to say, “Alexa, tell NETGEAR thank you!”

Taranom Kazempour
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