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On the first episode of our exciting virtual event series, Spencer Selden demonstrates one of our favorite products. The Meural Canvas II is something that every member of the family can enjoy. In this episode, Spencer covers what the Meural Canvas II is and how it can work for you.

  • Overview
  • What it the Meural Canvas II
  • What does it do for you?
  • How it works
  • What makes Meural different from the photo frames of the past?
  • Screen Quality
  • Available works
  • Interacting with the canvas
  • Meural App
  • Meural Library
  • Uploading your own content

Hello! Welcome to our Virtual Event series, where we show you the latest and greatest technology from NETGEAR right to your own home. I’m Spencer from the Channel Marketing team here at NETGEAR.

Today, we’d like to give you a tour of the Meural Canvas II, a digital canvas that elevates your favorite photos and brings over 30,000 works of the world’s best art right to your room.

Thanks to our patented TrueArt technology, every detail and texture in a painting or photo looks as real as it would on a traditional canvas or print. Join me as we take a dive into the Meural Canvas II and talk about how the technology works, how you can discover more of what you love in life-like detail, and how you can interact with the Meural to personalize it and make it your own.

I wanted to talk about what I love about my Meural Canvas and why I keep going back to mine every day.

Like many of us, I spend much of my day scrolling through amazing content, whether it’s traditional art, photography, or digital media. And when I see something I really like, I save it, but it usually sits there just saved to my phone. But with my Meural Canvas II, I can bring all these incredible works to my daily life and share them to my friends in-person.

The Meural Canvas II, as I mentioned, is a digital art frame that displays the art you love. This either comes from the Meural Library, a collection of over 30,000 curated works of art, or you can display content from your own collection.

What that means for me is that I can have my vacation pics next to the Guggenheim. What’s so fantastic about the Meural library, is that artists are just as interesting as the art itself. It’s not just the amount of content on there, but how it’s organized and curated. You can browse the Meural app, read editorials, discover playlists of art from artists you’ve now learned about and have a connection with.

It’s a WiFi connected frame, so you can upload from wherever you are with the Meural app, whether it’s your own Meural or one you’ve given to a family member. You can also use the SD card slot to upload your personal works.

There’s two ways you can interact with your Meural Canvas. You can either use your phone with the Meural app or use gesture controls. Simply swipe to change the image, or if you want to learn more about the piece, you can swipe up. Swipe in any direction to go back to the art piece. Swipe down to access the menu, and swipe right to choose your playlist.

So I like this, but what if I want to switch the frame to landscape mode? Luckily, NETGEAR offers a swivel mount so you can easily rotate from portrait to landscape. The Meural Canvas will automatically know which content to show matches your current orientation.

Let’s take a look at the app. In the Art Feed, this is where you’ll find editorials and featured playlists. This one looks cool, so let’s send it to the Canvas. I can hit “Send to Canvas” and I hit which canvas I want to send it to. Now this looks lovely, but what if I want to upload my works, I’ll go the “Studio” and “Upload” in the top right. I can crop it and hit save. I go to “my works” and select from the uploads.

And that’s just about a wrap for today. I wanted to thank you for joining me as we talk about the Meural Canvas II from NETGEAR. For more information, please check out our website at I hope to see you again soon!

Be sure to check out our NETGEAR Virtual Events calendar for more demos, presentations, and Q&As with our team.

Allison McKenzie

Senior Events Coordinator

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