NETGEAR takes security extremely seriously.  We are continuously taking proactive measures to ensure that customers always receive the high quality and secure products they have grown to expect from NETGEAR.

One of the key elements of our cyber security program is to partner with the security researcher community and remediate security bugs, before any customer data or products are exploited by bad actors.  We leverage a public bug bounty, hosted on the Bugcrowd platform, in order to engage with the researchers.  The bug bounty gives us access to growing a global community of researchers, and provides a mechanism to recognize and reward responsible disclosures.

We are truly thankful and privileged to work with such a talented group of individuals who use their knowledge and experience to make world a safer place!  

This is why we are proud to have been recognized in Bugcrowd’s 2018 annual “Buggy Awards” with the Researchers’ Choice award.  This award, “Best Program, Researchers’ Choice”, recognizes the best program in the bug bounty space, as understood by the researcher community itself.  Researchers are surveyed by Bugcrowd throughout the year, and asked to nominate their favorite program, and NETGEAR received 40% more votes than the next highly ranked program.

Ashish Gupta, the CEO of Bugcrowd, recently had this to say about us: “NETGEAR continuously demonstrates not only its commitment to making its products safer, but also that it is taking action, delivering on its promise of security. And the researcher community has clearly taken notice. We want to thank the NETGEAR team for its continued cooperation and openness to collaborate with our researchers. Congratulations on being nominated by our researchers and winning at this year’s Buggy Awards!”

NETGEAR evaluates every bug that is submitted and works diligently to resolve all bugs that are validated. In 2017, we received over 3000 submissions from security researchers around the globe and have since awarded over $350,000 in cash rewards.

Being pro-active rather than reactive to emerging security issues is a fundamental belief of ours here at NETGEAR, and our aim is to always lead the pack when it comes to setting security standards for our industry.  We’d like to thank Bugcrowd and our community of researchers for this honor.

Tejas Shah


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