On-demand power, eight ports and the easiest to use Ethernet switch possible? Yes, and done!

A switch with 120W, a durable metal case and flexible placement and plug-and-play, why settle for anything less?

The global PoE (power over Ethernet) market is expected to offer significant growth over the coming years as both widespread adoption of IP telephony and the increasing demand for network security cameras are projected to drive industry demand.

PoE devices encompass a number of essential tools that small businesses depend upon for the day-to-day operation of their business. A few examples of PoE dependent business tools are: voice over IP phones, IP security cameras, wireless access points, proximity sensors, door locks and the numerous IoT devices that depend on a network to perform their function. Wave 2 802.3ac Wireless Access Points and pan-tilt-zoom cameras offer features such as night vision, built-in motion tracking, and HD options, which also require PoE+ power (802.3at), increasing the power demands from the PoE supplying switch.

And that’s why NETGEAR has created the GS108PP 8-port PoE/PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch.  With PoE/PoE+ ports with up to total 120W of real power budget, you have the ability to connect your devices together via the network, but also, you’re able to power your devices.

As soon as you unpack the GS108PP switch, you’re able to plug in your devices and get going. There’s no programming or setup needed ― just plug in what you need and you’re good to go. On top of the convenience of setup, the GS108PP can be placed anywhere that allows for optimal usage. From the back storage room to the side of your front desk, the switch is ready to be placed anywhere as its compact, sleek, and fan-less whisper-quiet design make it perfect for any home or business. Easy LED indicators tell you what is going on and the switch has a sturdy metal case, proven to be able to withstand rough conditions.

With the highest customer satisfaction in the industry, NETGEAR has shipped over 40 million SMB switches in the last 10 years and has become the choice for switches for small business owners all around the globe.

When it comes to your network, you can rest assured that we have you covered. The NETGEAR GS108PP is the way to go when you want to power your business and unite your network. Why settle for anything less?

Xavier Lleixa Rillo

Product Line Manager, SMB

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