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M4300 Series Managed Switches – Perfectly Balancing Features and Value

The NETGEAR M4300 line of 13 1-10+ gigabit fully managed L3 switches is a platform that has received constant development and innovations for several years. Thanks to valuable feedback from our community of professional IT users, we have kept costs down, while constantly adding new models, features, and firmware releases – making M4300 a powerful choice for IT professionals and integrators.

Professional IT teams worldwide pick M4300 because they are ideally positioned in education, government, hospitality, large business, and even specialized industries such as ProAV. With a vast collection of port-counts, speeds, redundancy, flexibility, stacking capabilities, non-stop forwarding, and more, M4300 strikes a perfect balance of features, and value – and that’s the special sauce making the M4300 a great choice when it comes to L3 managed switches.
Continue reading as we go into depth and learn about the primary reasons IT professionals are choosing NETGEAR M4300 Series Managed Switches.

Ryan Baskharoon, Operations Manager at a tech services company & M4300 Reseller. Reviewed M4300 Switches on discussing M4300’s pricing and performance:
“The pricing is phenomenal. It’s not only good for the company providing the solution, but the customer gets a good deal too.” Ryan went on to state – ”It’s a win-win for both the company providing this particular equipment to the customer and for the customer. The price point, compared to a lot of the competitors that didn’t have the modular switch, was about 20 to 30 percent less expensive.”… “The M4300 is a workhorse. It works extremely well and it’s very efficient.” …”I would rate the M4300 a ten out of ten”

M4300 – Advanced Layer 2 L2 switching and Layer 3 L3 Routing

All models of the NETGEAR M4300 are fully managed L2/L3 Switches. Support for L3 routing is an important requirement in enterprise network design. Layer 3 functionality is especially important in networks with many subnets and virtual LANs. As network complexity increases, Layer 3 switches – with their power to route data and shape traffic – become a necessity in order to prevent congestion and outages. Simply-put, if you need powerful and discrete control over the traffic in your network, the M4300 platform has you covered.

Chris Stowe, System Engineer at Diversified on M4300 Platform Scalability:
“Its scalability is one of the big pluses. There are different models of switches in the M4300 Series. The modular based switch is typically used as a spine switch all the way down to 48 Port 10 Gigabit switches. The different models of switches with various sizes and form factors make this switch line very mobile.”

M4300 – A Scalable Switching Platform for Any Need Deployment

No matter if it’s at the top of the rack or the edge of your network, you need options. If a switch isn’t available with the port-count, speed, and features you need, you’re forced to build a network of compromises. The managed switches product team at NETGEAR has always carefully monitored the market and consulted with an informative community of professional IT providers to ensure you always have the right tool for the job. The growing M4300 product line currently contains 13 powerful, managed switches. The M4300 ranges in size and port counts from a compact 16-port compact half-rack all the way up to a 2U 96-port modular switch. M4300 stacking topologies deliver 384-port 1G, 768-port 10G, 192-port 40G, or a combination in redundant, unstoppable systems for edge-to-core connectivity.

PoE+ is also available on select M4300 models supporting between 200W to 1440W of PoE budget delivered to PD devices. We invite you to explore all models of the M4300 switches. Or try your hand at the M4300-96X port-card switch configuration tool and build a switch with almost any combination of 10Gig (Multi-Gig) Copper ports, 10 Gig SFP+ Fiber transceivers, or even up to 24x non-blocking 40-Gig QSFP+ ports.

Kevin Wescott a M4300 User at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees said this about M4300 in an review.
“NETGEAR has a high-level enterprise product in the M4300 series. Comparable to the Cisco Catalyst platform and Extreme Summit platform, NETGEAR has a much higher value option. Therefore, you are getting the same functionality for a better price point than you would with a Cisco or Extreme switch.”

M4300 – Powerful, Yet Affordable Switching Features

M4300 is not simply a managed switching platform. Modern network architectures must support modern connectivity and modes of operations such as spine and leaf topologies, non-blocking backplanes, Non-Stop Forwarding, and switch stacking. Line-rate spine and leaf stacking topologies offer multiple possibilities in server rooms, in branch collapsed cores or at the edge of growing networks – read the What is Spine and Leaf Networking blog. IT Engineers might expect to pay premiums for these advanced features, or be forced to skip entire value product lines, in order to gain access to these options. Not so with M4300 – when you choose an M4300, you can expect these advanced networking features to be included, ready to go, and supported at a high level with minimal headaches.
The M4300 platform continues to advance with new exclusive technologies added, such as NETGEAR IGMP Plus, and out-of-the-box latency-free AV over IP switching capabilities. And, as a unified platform, a small network that is just getting built can even start with 1-Gigabit M4300 switches, then later upgrade their network to 10 Gigabit and beyond, with almost no service disruption. Simply compare M4300 to the rest, and you’ll be surprised at the price vs. performance of features you’ll actually use.

Darwin Sellers, an owner of a tech services company discusses the Warranty of M4300 series switches:
“The return on investment for us is the replacement warranty, cut and dry. That is why it’s worth its weight to me. If they have a problem, we get them cross-shipped and they’re taken care of.”

M4300 – Robust Networking with Redundancy and Peace of Mind

Data is the heart of a business – if Information cannot flow, innovation stops until systems are back online. M4300 switches are designed with business continuity management in mind. M4300’s Non-Stop Forwarding (NSF) virtual chassis architecture provides advanced High Availability (HA) with hitless failover across the stack. Meaning if a switch or a port goes down in a stack, a redundant networking path remains.

For additional network robustness, M4300 supports ring network topologies. Ring topologies are common for intermediate distribution frames (IDF) in K-12, horizontal or vertical ring stacking network topologies, or dual ring topologies greatly simplify deployments at the edge and bring network resiliency with distributed uplinks in aggregation to the core.

For resilience, modular power supplies are available on full-width M4300 models. Redundant power helps to reduce the risk of outages due to power surges. For more info on M4300’s advanced features, visit the M4300 Switch Series FAQ, also available on M4300 product pages.

NETGEAR Business stands by the M4300 product line and provides a robust lifetime warranty. In addition 90 days of Technical Support via phone and email and lifetime chat support. And if it is ever needed, lifetime next business day hardware replacement. Visit the NETGEAR ProSafe Lifetime Warranty page for additional details.

Find the right NETGEAR M4300 Switch models for your next IT project. And discuss this article in the NETGEAR Managed Switches forum.

Laurent Masia - Director Product Line Mgt & Product Marketing, SMB - NETGEAR Inc.
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