As most of us know, some kids tend to misbehave when they are away from their parents, but others don’t. What does that have to do with networking? Well, read on…

Imagine you are the IT manager of a forty person office. It’s the middle of the week, you’ve done all your maintenance checks and everything is working perfectly. You see your colleagues working tirelessly to get projects done. Teams are collaborating online on spreadsheets, designing on smart boards, presenting to clients on conference calls… when, the Cloud goes down. Everyone begins to ping you and all productivity stops.

You enter troubleshoot mode. Did your ISP decide to perform a last minute critical update? Are you being hacked? Did stormy weather cause a tree to fall on the cables?

For much of the cloud managed equipment out there, losing connection to the outside world also means losing connection to their cloud server. The equipment becomes unmanageable, just like the kids that misbehave when away from their parents.

As experts in business networking devices, NETGEAR knows this simply cannot happen in a growing company. NETGEAR Business recently launched a new line of cloud managed networking solutions that include a management interface (in the shape of an app or a cloud based portal), and a set of smart cloud devices (switches, access points and network storage). No proxy appliances, no cloud servers needed, no special software required, no need to open ports or drill tunnels in the firewall. Just an app (or web portal) and cloud-enabled devices that already include all the smart reliable networking features a business needs.

We designed our “children” to be the best behaved in town. Even if they are away from their parents (the cloud), their behavior will not change. The LAN will still be connected and employees can keep collaborating and accessing the network.

And if it’s not the full Internet access that is down, but only a specific cloud connection, there is still no disruption. Nobody will be calling you to check when the network will be back up and running.

NETGEAR Insight devices are the most behaved kids in the neighborhood, now you understand why. Thanks for reading and just check out what these well behaved (and smart) kids can bring to your business at

Alexandra Mehat

Content, Messaging & Product Marketing Manager

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