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Who will be the star of the show for SMB at IFA 2019? Discover our new innovations for businesses!

NETGEAR Business offers the most comprehensive line of cutting-edge networking solutions in the industry. More solutions mean more convenience, customization, and a more connected network. That’s why over 50 million businesses worldwide have trusted NETGEAR for over 20 years to help fuel their companies’ success. We create products that further advance and simplify the way you work, helping you run your business better, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. It’s cutting-edge, without complexity, tailored for Small and Medium businesses.

NETGEAR keeps on innovating in SMB networking and that continues to be true with the products we are launching at IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

NETGEAR has combined two industry leading and innovative technologies: patented tri-band mesh WiFi and the Insight remote management platform and is introducing the industry’s first Cloud-configurable commercial-grade Mesh network. Our new versatile, multi-mode Instant Mesh device, the WAC564, will be one of the stars of the show.

With the use of the Insight App and a few taps of the screen, a network can be easily expanded to increase the coverage area by adding up to 5 units of WAC540 or WAC564. One of the five units will need to be designated as the root, which connects the WiFi network to the internet; and the other four units are named as extenders to expand the reach of the WiFi coverage.  Either the WAC540 or the WAC564 can be the root or the extender, configured by the user, or configured and optimized by Insight automatically. Deploying Mesh WiFi in businesses has never been this easy!

Instant Mesh is one of the many updates we are bringing to our award-winning Insight Remote Cloud management solution, now in its third year, which has proven to be a powerful tool for both small businesses to manage their networks remotely and for managed service providers to keep tabs on the health of their client networks.  The Insight platform offers support for 22 different switches, access points, and security devices managed by way of a free mobile application accessible on both iOS and Android, as well as multi-customer desktop solutions for service providers.

New features include extended support for existing Smart Managed Pro switches, including newly introduced GS110TPP, a 10-port gigabit switch with greater PoE capacity, support for our popular series of Smart Pro 700 series 28 and 52-port PoE+ switches, and the addition of Instant Captive Portal for all Insight managed wireless products.

The Instant Captive Portal allows businesses to provide secure guest WiFi access with social media login with analytics, customizable advertising, session management, and log storage. The intuitive portal solution is easily configurable and customizable with NETGEAR Insight and available on all Insight Managed Wireless devices (including Orbi Pro).

But Insight is not where all the innovation is happening. NETGEAR Business is also proud to announce 2 more launches in both switching and security.

Growing PoE networking

With more Ethernet ports installed than any other manufacturer in the world and our 10GB and PoE switches driving growth in the industry, NETGEAR Business switch solutions are unmatched.

We are proudly introducing a new plug-and-play PoE+ 5-port switch that adds to the NETGEAR PoE switch portfolio, the largest of the market.

The new GS305PP is:

  • The most cost-effective 5-port PoE+ Gigabit switch with 83W total budget
  • Ideal for small installations of 4 PoE+ devices (IP Phone, Wired surveillance camera, Wireless Access Point)
  • Flexible as it brings the power the device needs on each port, and not more, making sure the PoE budget is fully balanced amongst all ports.

Evolving Security Solutions

We are also evolving security solutions for ever-changing threats, with our introduction of Dark Web Intelligence for our channel partners. The NETGEAR Dark Web Intelligence service will provide scalable, cloud-based technology to help businesses turn global threat data into relevant intelligence and insight. Additionally, it will further enable companies of all sizes to save time and resources by accelerating incident response performance, providing user-friendly actionable evidence accessible to the business or Managed Service Provider.

Many stars have been revealed at IFA 2019! Have you picked your favorite yet?


Richard Jonker

VP of SMB Product Line Management

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