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NETGEAR is at IFA 2019, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics, being held in Berlin this week, with several new innovations we are excited to unveil. Our products always set the bar for performance, and this year is no different.

First, we are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest addition to our NETGEAR family of Mesh products, with the Orbi™ WiFi 6 (RBK852), as well as the Nighthawk AX8 WiFi 6 Mesh Extender (EAX80).

Over the past couple of years, WiFi Mesh systems have proliferated the market, as more and more homes require stronger, more reliable WiFi. Leading the pack along the way has been NETGEAR’s Orbi™, always a fan favorite.  Now, the new Orbi WiFi 6 is essentially the next generation of the mesh network, capable of bringing multi-gigabit internet speeds to all corners of your home.

When you live in a household with several devices that are attempting to stream shows and games, and also has a multitude of connected devices that are always on, like smart smoke detectors, security cameras, and voice assistants, you really need a system that has the capacity to support all of that traffic, at all times. With the Orbi Tri-band Mesh System with the latest and fastest WiFi 6 technology, you will be sure that you are getting the gigabit and multi-gig internet speeds you are paying for. Be sure to read more about WiFi 6 here!

If you already have a router system and are not able to switch your entire network, the new Nighthawk EAX80 is an amazing choice to extend the range and capacity of your current router seamlessly, even if you have an internet service provider router or cable gateway. With 8-stream WiFi 6, this extender works to deliver the maximum capacity, speed, and coverage to your existing network.

Next, we are also introducing the worldwide availability of our updated Meural Canvas II. Our classic WiFi connected digital canvas, with its beloved signature anti-glare matte display, and its impressive library with 30,000+ works of art, has received an upgrade. The Meural Canvas II now includes an enhanced WiFi experience, for faster uploads and extended range, as well as an improved ambient light sensor.

It is also more energy efficient, consuming 45% less power than the previous model. The new Meural Canvas II is also available now in new frames, and in two sizes. Be sure to check out all that Meural has to offer here!

And finally, for small and medium-sized businesses, NETGEAR is proud to announce new upgraded features to our award-winning Insight™ management solution, Instant Mesh and Instant Captive Portal NETGEAR Insight Instant Mesh combines two industry leading and innovative technologies: patented Tri-band mesh WiFi and the Insight remote management platform.

Instant Mesh supports NETGEAR’s commercial-grade, high-performance wireless access point, the WAC540, and the newly released mesh WiFi multi-mode access point WAC564 with 4-port integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch.The Instant Captive Portal allows businesses to provide a secure guest WiFi access with social media login with analytics, customizable advertising, session management, and log storage. The intuitive portal solution is easily configurable and customizable with NETGEAR Insight and available on all Insight Managed Wireless devices (including the Orbi Pro).

NETGEAR Business is also growing its Insight-managed device portfolio with more support of existing Smart Managed Pro switches to offer a large Cloud-managed portfolio. And last but not least, we are also introducing the most cost-effective 5-port PoE+ Unmanaged switch to support the growing needs of PoE and flexible deployment in businesses today.

If you are at IFA, come find us, and see all of our exciting offerings between September 6th and 11th! We look forward to meeting you there in Hall 3.2, Booth #201!


Bjoern Parnitzke

Senior Regional Marketing Specialist

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