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Small business networking once used to mean confusing, hard to configure “boxes with a lot of holes.” You needed a Certified Service Technician to physically install and configure these buzzing pieces of magic. Today, networking for small businesses has expanded to include remote workers and remote management – from anywhere – home networking IS now enterprise networking.

People care about networking gear more than ever before – because they need routers and switches, better WiFi connections with higher bandwidth, easier setup, reliability, and security. And this concern is not just coming from those Work-From-Home (WFH) employees, it’s about anyone working remotely which includes those road warriors, too.

The important questions to consider these days are:

  • How can people continue to be productive while not in the office?
  • How do we enable more effective communication?
  • How do we make it easy to work from home?
  • How do we make it easy to administer to all the WFH staff?

Granted, NETGEAR doesn’t make USB cameras or headsets, there are plenty of people who do, but without our unique skills in facilitating communication over a network, you and your fancy Bluetooth headset would be stuck in a pretty private, unconnected world.

Creating a partnership

There are many providers to choose from when it comes to business networking. Plenty of companies even play a game of one-upmanship when it comes to products. But the real test is not just in product specs, or price of the box, but rather in the total commitment of a company.

Sure, the products have to measure up, but today it’s more about who you want to be your long-term partner and help you communicate more effectively, secure your company, and allow you and your fellow employees to be more productive.

NETGEAR has been in business for almost 25 years. Networking is not just a division of our company – it IS our company. Sure, we have products that are market leaders and tout the latest WiFi 6 and wireless mesh technologies. But we also offer the kind of service and support that we’d like to have ourselves. These days, our own employees are using NETGEAR products and services to stay just as connected and productive from home – as if we were all in the same office.

Our support team, community forums, ProSUPPORT customer service pack options and a dedicated Pro AV Engineering Services team are proof that we are committed to helping you in any way we can.

Products and services to help

Networking has evolved from a somewhat secretive and cryptic domain to empowering mere mortals to setup and configure their business networking on their own. That doesn’t mean that trained professionals are no longer needed, however, as any small business owner will attest. At some point, it is still faster and easier to rely on an integrator to help deploy your networking needs. Whichever category you fall into, we provide the tools and the power to help.

NETGEAR is known around the world for fantastic network switches, wireless routers and access points. Over the years, we have sold more business networking appliances than there are businesses in the world. We also help employees find reliable, secure internet access wherever they are with our wireless hotspots. NETGEAR offers the widest selection of switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) than any other manufacturer, allowing you to do away with power supplies for access points, desk phones, cameras, door locks and even light fixtures. And our Insight management platform empowers business owners and integrators with the confidence to deliver worry-free network management.

NETGEAR products and services help small businesses and integrators cater to the needs of a growing work-from-home staff through:

  • Faster, more reliable communication
  • Secure access to remote resources
  • Proper separation of home and business networks
  • Easy administration of networking devices

Depend on us

Small business networking needs have changed. It is no longer just about which product has what feature. You need to trust a partner who leads the industry and understands what you are up against.

You can depend on NETGEAR for your Small Business Networking.

Contact NETGEAR Business Sales, or shop business solutions direct in the NETGEAR Store

John Henkel

Product Marketing Manager, Pro-AV Networking

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