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Online threats are everywhere. With so much of our lives now on the cloud and Internet, the case is clear that every time you go online with any device, you have the possibility of exposing your data, your privacy, and your personal safety. Almost every home now has at least one IoT (Internet of Things) device, many of these devices do not have any built-in security features. It can leave your whole home network vulnerable.

Protect your home network from online threats

The best protection works on two folds to protect you. One, it actively looks for threats, anomalies, and suspicious traffic like your own private network security firm and two, protects each of your devices from harm and threats that try to wreck your network privacy and security.

NETGEAR Armor has offered our customers both protections since the launch of the service. Powered by Bitdefender and using their award-winning end to end device protection, NETGEAR Armor has been on the forefront of protection.

NETGEAR Armor protects your network with threat and vulnerability assessment, web protection and device management. It protects your devices anywhere around the world with endpoint security with Bitdefender’s Total Security.

But what does all that mean? It means that NETGEAR Armor can keep your home network safe from all sorts of potential hazards from hackers, bad sites, identity thieves and their ilk. NETGEAR Armor can also protect you and your family on the go too. Download NETGEAR Armor onto your devices like laptops, phones, tablets, and rest assured the same protection you have at home is with you at the airport, the coffee shop, the hotel, or resort.

Armor secures IoT devices too

The internet of things (IoT) devices has made life easier around the home with smart controls on heating/cooling, appliances, baby monitors, smart fire alarms, door locks, fitness trackers, exercise equipment, cameras, and security equipment. Most of these devices lack any significant defense against threats. As many of these devices become commonplace around the home, it creates a virtual unlocked door for hackers to exploit, infiltrate, steal personal information or worse.

This August, we will be adding to that protection on selected devices starting with the RAX35v2, RAX38v2, RAX40v2, RAX42, RAX43, RAX45, RAX48. This added protection will be rolling out to other products in the next few months. Some of the new protections include Anomaly Protection, Brute Force Protection, Exploit Prevention, DDoS Protection and Sensitive Data Protection.

Armor updates and network protection features

Sensitive Data Protection blocks any attempt to send your credit card info, SSNs or username/password combinations over non-encrypted connections. If you browse a non-HTTPs site, any attempts to send sensitive data are redirected to a warning page, stopping cybercriminals from stealing your sensitive data.

Anomaly Detection learns what your devices and traffic typically look like on an average day. It does this using advanced machine learning algorithms & cloud correlation. Anything that looks out of the ordinary is identified and brought to your attention. Think of this feature as a friendly doorman keeping an eye on your devices and network 24/7 looking for anything that doesn’t belong there.

Brute Force Protection is protecting you from good old-fashioned codebreaking. What a brute force attack does, is run through every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to guess your passwords or break encrypted data. If you have ever seen a spy movie, you have probably seen a version of this type of an attack as the hero or villain decodes or hacks to get into a network. NETGEAR Armor intercepts these attempts, blocks any further attempts from suspicious sources, and notifies you. It then prevents bots from compromising any of your devices in the future.

Exploit Prevention identifies and blocks exploits using html code, SQL code, cookies and other code found on website to try to pass unsafe data to your devices. An exploit attack is trying to fool your device into thinking the code or data being passed is legitimate and then sneaks in and wreaks havoc. It’s like a burglar using a dog door to gain entrance to your house. The thief is exploiting a legitimate way into your house by disguising himself as your pet. These threats include command injection attacks, local file inclusion attacks, directory traversal attacks, and more. Our award-winning anti-malware engines allow us to add detection information for new exploits as they are discovered.

DDoS Detection & Protection prevents and protects against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on routers or cloud infrastructures. DDoS attacks flood your network with requests from multiple sources. These requests are benign taken one at a time, but collectively they overwhelm your system and crash your website, server, and network. It’s like a swarm of bees attacking your network. One bee by itself isn’t a problem, a whole hive of bees is another thing altogether. NETGEAR Armor analyzes network traffic and looks at packet information related to DNS, TCP, SYN flood, or ICMP flood data. When it identifies incoming data packets that look a coordinated attack, it blocks the connection at the device level and stops the attack.

This suite of protections is the most robust offering from NETGEAR to date. The protection level of NETGEAR Armor is world class and keeps you, your family, and your sensitive information safe from the most common to some of the most dangerous threats on the internet. With NETGEAR Armor you are protected 24/7 rain, sun, sleet, or shine.

NETGEAR Armor new features will be coming to more products in 2021 and we are looking forward to expanding the features to all NETGEAR Armor customers.

Find out more about NETGEAR Armor at our Resource Center and find out more about the advanced features offered with select products.

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