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Capturing life’s most memorable moments has become easier as smartphones are equipped with top of the line camera technology. Our phones have seemingly made every one of us a photographer, without the hassle of lugging around clunky equipment.

The delight we experience in instantly capturing countless memories has led to a surplus of images that overtime have resulted in libraries of photos trapped within the confines of our smart phones. Sharing of these photos via text message, social media, or from your screen has become commonplace. However, trying to show your friends and family your photos on a small phone display can deter you from fully reliving the cherished moment you’d like to share with others.

Often picture sharing from a mobile phone can be very limiting on the small screen. While convenient, much of the experience is often lost when you need to zoom in in order to see detail.

While recent developments require us all to be social distancing, there has never been a better time to share the thousands of pictures on our phones directly to our loved ones. The Meural WiFi Photo Frame brings a refreshing and reimagined way to experience these memories from phone to frame, in beautiful high-resolution detail. Allow your photos to break free from the depths of your phone and bring them into the full view for everyone to enjoy on a large crystal-clear display.
With sleek handcrafted build quality and premium technology that lets you customize your favorite photo curations, and instantly display them on a crystal-clear full HD 1080p display, it’s easy to see how the Meural WiFi Photo Frame is the perfect addition that perfectly complements any of your home’s décor.

The dynamic Meural WiFi Photo Frame is adaptable and versatile, adjusting to how you care to you use it. It is an effortless task to link your phone’s photo albums to the Meural Frame to automatically update the slide show with images you have selected from your phone. The touchless gesture make it easy to browse through the images on your frame. To add to this seamless and relaxing experience, Meural is the first of its kind to offer Sharecare Windows content, a leading technology in digital health. Its creator Dr. Oz intended it to create healthy sleep patterns and reduce stress. Currently, themes will include Beaches, Sunrise and Sunset, and Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing). Refresh your home with some dynamic and calming scenes that capture the raw and captivating highlights of nature.

Now to add a little perspective,
The Meural WiFi Photo frame is an amazing way to stay connected to our family and friends—no matter where they are. Meural brings you closer by letting you share your memories with the people who matter most. Just imagine how awesome it would be to surprise our loved ones with a frame that can be remotely accessed and instantly loaded with astounding photos and lively 15-second video clips.

With its ability to relive your favorite moments on a stunning display, send photos to your frame without the need of SD cards or USB flash sticks, high-resolution mental health antidotes, the Meural WiFi Photo frame is more than home decor, it is a home device that has literally been designed to instantly connect you with the ones you love and encourages your overall wellbeing with peace of mind.

Phil Pyo
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