Distance means so much when we are forced to be apart from the ones we love. 2020 has taken this experience to the extreme on a global scale. It need not be repeated that 2020 has been a unique year putting greater distance between our families, communities and friends.

As we approach the end of the year and the Holidays, we will once again unfortunately be asked to reduce our exposure for our own safety and the safety of our communities. This year has presented us with a unique challenge of staying connected which have been addressed in numerous ways through the use of technology. As a result of such, virtual video platforms have served as a great tool to help with closing the social distancing gap. Video conferencing software has become part of everyday life, turning Zoom into a household name and an action verb. FaceTime calls have become more popular as a standard form of communication, and social media has continued to play a unique role in our modern world in keeping us all in touch with photos and updates from our lives during this pandemic.

With the numerous digital communication methods available, there is still difficulty of bridging that divide with a more personal touch missing out on opportunities to establish those personal bonds that develop when sharing special moments.

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame has been designed to share special moments with special features to stay connected with loved ones through the holidays, even as distance plays a factor. The Meural Photo Frame is an opportunity to give all of your amazing memories a home and the chance to create new ones by inviting family and friends to share their photos right onto your frame. Just imagine the look on your loved one’s face on Thanksgiving night when they look over at the amazing 1080P display and see a freshly uploaded photo of you holding a turkey leg and slice of pumpkin pie personally uploaded by you!

I was able to experience this joy in my own home just a week ago as my fiancée and I did some small holiday shopping. While browsing around the store I took photos of her posing and smiling next to an amazingly decorated Christmas tree. Once we got home, she was pleasantly surprised and welcomed by the freshly uploaded stunning photos of herself to the photo frame.

The Meural Wifi Photo Frame is truly a gift that will keep a smile on faces for years to come. There are very few chances that we get in life to purchase something as unique as the Meural WiFi Photo Frame, which has the capability of never getting old. How often does a home décor item bring this much joy, adds intangible value, and helps people stay personally connected?

Please, do not simply take the opinion of this biased NETGEAR employee, consider the experience of Anthony Karcz, Consumer Tech Reporter for Forbes. Senior Contributor|Consumer Tech Reporter at Forbes in his article entitled Use The Meural WiFi Photo Frame To Celebrate Together Even When Apart.

I wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Khalil Corbin

Communications Specialist

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