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NETGEAR is in Berlin at IFA 2019 this week, and we are proud to be announcing the worldwide availability of our updated Meural Canvas II, powered by NETGEAR.

Our classic WiFi connected Meural digital canvas, with its modern design, state-of-the-art technology and signature anti-glare matte display, and its impressive library of 30,000+ works of art, has been widely appreciated by both the art world and the tech community.

And now, the new Meural Canvas II includes several upgraded features that we know our community will love.

The Meural Canvas II still uses the same patented TrueArt Technology which delivers vivid and lifelike art at all angles, bringing every brushstroke to life. But now, it also comes with an enhanced WiFi experience for faster uploads and extended range, as well as an improved ambient light sensor, ensuring it dynamically adjusts to the room’s lighting at all times. It is also more energy efficient, consuming 45% less power than the previous model.

The new Meural II canvas is also available now in new frames, with four colors (white, black, birch and walnut), and two sizes, the existing 27 inch frame and the new and smaller 21.5 inch. And with our Swivel Mount, you can enjoy images in either landscape or portrait orientation, as you wish.

With the available Meural Art Library, you get to bring the world’s museums to your wall, and experience a truly dynamic world of art, right at your fingertips. Our library is curated and updated daily, so that we can bring a gallery experience to you, right into your home. Display classic art pieces from Michelangelo to Monet, or modern works from working artists around the world, or even impressive photo images from the likes of National Geographic and NASA.

Inspired, and feeling like a photographer yourself? Upload hundreds, even thousands, of your own photos, and display them on your Meural Canvas to reminisce and enjoy. With Meural, you have the chance to enrich your home and enlighten your interests. Be sure to check out all that Meural has to offer here!

If you are at IFA, we’d love to have you see the new Meural II in person! We look forward to meeting you there!



Poppy Simpson

Senior Manager, Content & Curation

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