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We’ve always known that the Meural Smart Canvas is a product that needs to be seen to be believed. While it looks beautiful in pictures, it’s hard to beat the magic of changing art with a wave of your hand for the very first time, and getting so close up that you feel like you can touch the brushstrokes. That’s why we’re excited to offer the Meural Canvas in two new NYC shopping locations, both of which are pushing the boundaries of what the retail experience can be.

First up, the newest outpost of our longtime retail partner, b8ta, located within a first-of-its-kind mecca for shopping, living, and working: Hudson Yards. b8ta is a playground for trying out the latest tech and lifestyle products before you buy them, equipped with ultra-knowledgable associates (they call them b8ta testers) who will help you get a handle on how each product works. You can currently experience the Meural Canvas in person at 15 b8ta locations across the U.S.  Since its official launch last month, Hudson Yards has been making a huge splash in New York City. You can find Meural at b8ta Hudson Yards on “the floor of discovery” part of Hudson Yards’ epic one million square foot retail center, making up over a mile of shopping.

Further downtown, you’ll also find NETGEAR at SHOWFIELDS, a new experiential retail concept located in a historic 1913 building in the hip NoHo neighborhood. Billed as “the Most Interesting Store in the World,” the four floor department store of the future contains revolving “micro flagships” for a curated mix of online brands, an event space, a cafe, art exhibitions, and even a slide!

You’ll find Meural Powered by NETGEAR’s flagship at the base of the slide, on the second floor. We’ve styled it as a chic faux-living room, to help you imagine how the Meural Canvas might look in your home. We’re also showing off Orbi Voice with mesh WiFi and voice control, and how it can compliment the Meural Canvas, thanks to the Amazon Alexa integration.

If you’re in NYC, we hope you’ll come try out the Meural Canvas at one of these new destinations soon. Even Olivia Palermo was spotted during the grand opening viewing a Meural Smart Canvas, which had the Basquiat gallery on display.  Additionally, if you are unable to make it to Manhattan, you can always find the location nearest to you on our locations page.







Lauren McInnes

PR Specialist

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