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The Nighthawk Pro Gaming team hit a home run with our flagship product, the award winning Nighthawk XR500 WiFi router, designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. Then we followed it up with an even more powerful router for the most avid of gamers, the Nighthawk XR700.

Our team talked to a lot of gamers. A lot of gamers. Our road crew was exhaustively gathering tidbits of information from fans at every event, esports game, and LAN party.

We really wanted to know exactly what gamers want. What was the right router we could offer, after the XR500 and XR700? What would give the most gamers the best possible experience and let them be free to set all sorts of records in games? What could we do to achieve that?

Our road team came back, hands, pockets and notebooks full of notes and ideas, and they excitedly relayed information to our product team. The product team, in turn, was excited, and we could hear the ping of happy anvils from their workshop.

The result is here. It’s the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 router. An amazing router that is optimized for gaming and your wallet.

It has the same bada** operating system that the XR450, XR500 and XR700 have. It has a dual-core 1Ghz processor, and has a 1750Mb per second transfer rate. Four Ethernet ports in the back to keep all your gaming devices wired up, and with WiFi for all those things you can’t wire, like smart phones, devices and everything under the internet of things.

Let’s jump into the DumaOS and its squad of features:


“Anti-buffer bloat” (ABB) means that you can create an express lane for gaming traffic. Using ABB and the XR300 dual-core processor to sort through your networking and prioritize traffic, you won’t have to worry about lag ruining your day.


With Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) backed by a 1GHz dual-core processor, the XR300 adeptly prioritizes even the most congested home networking traffic. That means you’ll stay in the game and not in the queue.


Now you can see which devices are using your bandwidth and make adjustments on the fly with the Device Manager. Dial back, enhance, block any device on your home network.


Beyond an easy-to-read GUI, the DumaOS dashboard is a fully customizable control panel. Pin the information that you want at your fingertips. With Geo-Filter, Network Monitoring, Device Management and Quality of Service panels, the power is in your hands.


Your proximity to the server you are connected to, can greatly affect your ping and lag. The Geo-filter helps you connect to the optimum server by allowing connection to only the servers that are in your range setting. No more shoddy connections to servers hundreds of miles away. Keep your lag low and your servers close.


Prioritize every aspect of your traffic. Allocate bandwidth by creating an express lane for your gaming devices. Prioritize devices with a drag and drop interface. Streaming 4k? Increase the bandwidth to your smart TV. Have an important teleconference call? Put more into your laptop. Have a competitive match? Allocate more to your gaming device. It’s a mouse click away and afterwards you can reset just as easy. The power is yours.


Find out instantly which device is hogging the bandwidth. Is it the streaming cat videos? 4K cord cutting? You can see what percentage of your internet all the devices in your network are using. Drill down and view that type of traffic, from social media, video, gaming etc. You can then make adjustments and prioritize if needed.

These are just some of the features and settings you can customize for your gaming experience within the DumaOS. It is designed to be flexible and powerful to handle all online games from console to competitive PC gaming. You have the power to adjust and tweak every setting to get the best possible set up for your gaming or you can leave it pre-optimized right out of the box. Set up is easy and should only take minutes to get the best experience possible.

The XR300 is available now and is sold practically everywhere on earth. If you have been waiting to join the #NoLagCrew, this is your chance. Finding a great gaming router under $200 is incredible. What are you waiting for? Chances are, either you have a Nighthawk Pro Gaming router, or your opponent does.

To view all the cool tech specs, check out the XR300 online now!


Ben Acevedo

Gaming Brand Manager

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