If you are an IT manager or a business owner, you probably don’t enjoy making trips to the office in order to troubleshoot networking issues and reboot a WiFi access point or IP phone. Wouldn’t a better option be to just know which devices are disrupting your network, and fix those issues from anywhere?

If this scenario sounds like a dream for your IT woes, then you’re going to love the new version of NETGEAR Insight management solution, Insight 4.0. The Insight mobile and web app are a dream network management tool for any small business owner or IT professional.  The Insight management tools allow you to manage multiple network locations directly from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, from anywhere in the world. Imagine having remote access to your network with the ability to diagnose and fix potential issues while on vacation, at home, or simply while you are at a different job site.

With NETGEAR Insight management, that dream is now a reality.  It is the first cloud based, mobile-first network management app, and delivers a simple and intuitive browser-based Cloud Portal, in addition to the mobile app.

With NETGEAR Insight you can:

  • Easily install your Insight network switches and access points and ReadyNAS storage with a quick scan
  • Reboot an IP Phone, Access Point or other PoE device from anywhere
  • Check your WiFi network activity from any screen, anywhere, anytime
  • Remotely manage your network locations at your convenience
  • Register any NETGEAR piece of equipment with a few touches – from the app
  • Easily access Help and NETGEAR Support with all relevant info in one screen

We know that your business is a top priority, so it’s important to take smart steps to minimize network issues and improve IT efficiency. Here are a few examples of how NETGEAR Insight management solution lets you get back to running your business:

Instant Issue Mitigation

This may sound familiar: In the event that you can’t get your network to do what you want it to, your only remaining option is to pick up the phone and call tech support. Once you get in touch with someone, after explaining things three times, there still isn’t a guarantee that your problem will be resolved.  Insight eliminates this top ranked nuisance because your network issues are identified directly in the app or in the cloud portal. This feature will save you time – and gas, especially if the issue occurs in a remote location.

Out-of-Box Setup

Gone are the days when you would have to put a weekend aside just to get your network set up. With an Insight device, setup is virtually as easy as removing it from its box. For example, take an Insight switch, all you have to do is plug it in, and then watch as the app quickly finds the device. Then, configuration can all be done through your app or cloud portal. You can preconfigure the device in another location and send the device to wherever you need it to be installed. Another major timesaver so that you can get your weekend back!

Great Quality and Support

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have great networking products, software, and support. It’s 2018, those days are over. Insight is a true cloud solution with proven NETGEAR quality at affordable prices for small businesses. You can count on your products to last. However, in the chance that you would need a replacement, all Insight devices do come with a guaranteed 5-year hardware warranty.

Support is also easily accessible through the Insight app. Get access to the NETGEAR Knowledge Base, where articles are posted to deliver you immediate information, or where you can talk to community members for an insightful chat (pun intended).

NETGEAR Insight Provides You the Tools to Succeed

Whether you’re running the town’s most popular coffee shop or providing IT services to an exciting new start-up, NETGEAR Insight management solution is something that will help your business reach new heights. For more information about Insight’s subscription plans and features, check out this link here.

Shaheen Kazi

Sr. PLM Insight, Cloud & Services

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