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Once again, NETGEAR is leading the way with innovation to help continue expanding Mesh WiFi. Over the years, we’ve introduced first-to-market options from WiFi 6 kits, a Cable Modem system, a smart speaker satellite and more! This time around, we’re making Mesh WiFi an option for homes in locations with poor broadband thanks to Orbi 4G LTE, the Industry’s first 4G LTE Modem with Tri-band mesh WiFi!

Typically when it comes to your standard Internet setup, your service is set up through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In some instances, you may be in an area where broadband isn’t offered, isn’t reliable or isn’t fast enough, making your options for good Internet limited. With wireless technology like 4G LTE being offered across large mobile networks and being very affordable, options like mobile hotspots or mobile routers have become ideal solutions for people needing fast broadband speeds. While typically it is seen as a WiFi on-the-go solution, what many realize is they are able to get great home Internet through mobile network providers and have opted to use it as their go-to solution.

How does Orbi 4G LTE work?
For many who are in the boat of not being able to get great broadband, Orbi 4G LTE combines the best of both worlds – fast 4G LTE speeds with award-winning WiFi of Orbi. Working with a SIM card from most 4G LTE cellular network providers, this solution helps deliver fast broadband for the home anywhere mobile coverage is available, and helps solve the problem of internet that is too slow, too expensive or non-existent.

With Orbi’s Tri-Band technology, you get to enjoy high performance WiFi up to 2.2Gbps and whole home WiFi coverage up to 2,000 sq.ft to give you a better smarthome experience with better 4K streaming and online gaming. Even more, Orbi 4G LTE is compatible with the Orbi ecosystem, letting you extend your coverage with select Orbi satellites to create a Mesh WiFi system that best fits your home’s needs. With it’s single WiFi network, you can enjoy strong, seamless connections as you move from room to room.

What about my existing broadband service?
With Orbi 4G LTE, you don’t have to cancel any existing fibre, cable, or DSL service. In fact, they work great together. Paired with your existing service, you can help ensure that your business or home doesn’t suffer from any setback in the event of any disruptions. By seamlessly switching over to 4G LTE if your wired broadband service fails, you can enjoy always-on WiFi.

What other ways can Orbi 4G LTE work for me?
For many vacation home owners, your property may be located in a remote area – in the mountains, near a lake, or even along the coast. Chances are, reliable broadband is non-existent and using 4G LTE may be the best option. With Orbi 4G LTE, you can ensure your vacation home has fast, reliable Internet speeds and WiFi for the whole home, whether you’re renting to vacationers or occupying the home yourself.

Settling for bad Internet should no longer be a problem worth suffering from. Whether you’re in an area with slow Internet or you experience frequent service disruptions, Orbi 4G LTE is here to help solve the problem by delivering fast broadband for the home, wherever mobile coverage is available. To learn more about Orbi 4G LTE Advanced WiFi Router, please visit

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