When you hear the word “networking”, chances are you think of social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, or maybe you think of “networking” in order to connect with like-minded people for potential career opportunities.

Well, I’m here to talk about another type of networking, one that can help your business grow in a different way. With this type of networking, it is essential that you have a network switch. From personal computers and laptops, to printers, to IP cameras, network switches help pass data from one point to another, as smoothly as possible. In this blog post, I would like to highlight a new Smart Managed 12-port 10-Gigabit Switch, which can be the perfect “center” of your business network.

OK, so, you’re probably thinking, “That’s cool, but how does a Smart Managed Switch help my business? Why not just buy a cheap no-brand unmanaged switch?”

Networking is already difficult enough as it is without the extra technical jargon and specifications. A Smart Managed Switch from NETGEAR is easy to use, but unlike the inexpensive unmanaged switches, it also gives you the power to manage your LAN traffic to make sure that the most essential data is getting from point A to point B as fast as possible.  It also has a more user-friendly interface than most of the managed switches on the market, and also comes with an SMB friendly price tag, bringing you the best of both worlds.

With a NETGEAR Smart Managed Switch, you’ll be able to prioritize the data you need, in order to receive it as quickly as possible. For example, a school teacher might need to prioritize video streaming so that students will be able to watch a lesson without interruptions. With the ability to prioritize LAN traffic, the teacher can make sure the  video stream receives more priority bandwidth than other online activities. Or a lawyer at a firm may wish to prioritize an important video call with a high profile client over the scheduled data backup.

More connections means a bigger appetite for even more bandwidth, and this translates to a greater need for priority settings.  NETGEAR’s new 10-Gigabit switch XS712Tv2 is designed with SMB in mind, delivering 12 ports of 10-Gigabit power to business owners with a price that sits below the traditional $100 per Ethernet port.

With 10-Gigabit, the speed most SMBs will operate on in the near future, bottlenecks will be reduced and connectivity will be optimized. Regardless of whether you run a busy graphic design business, a larger law firm or a school, 1-Gigabit Switches are not cutting it anymore. A survey found that 100% of SMBs acknowledge the need to deploy 10-Gigabit switching now or in the very near future.

With all the features of our previous Smart Switches, such as web browser-based management GUI, VLAN, advanced smart switching features, as well as our ProSAFE Lifetime Hardware Warranty, the XS712Tv2 is truly an amazing addition to the SMB networking solution market.

It is very simple. NETGEAR is the industry leader of SMB networking solutions – solutions that are all about removing communication bottlenecks. Designed to make your business network work smoothly eliminating connection issues, the XS712Tv2 will allow you more time for all of the things that affect your business, like networking both online and face-to-face.

Laurent Masia

Sr. Product Line Manager, Smart & Managed Switches

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